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Pretty simple: every time you find a good online deal for a console game, system, accessory, etc., post it here. Sometimes it can be hard finding a fair price for something and this could really help those that don't want to spend hours doing online comparison shopping.

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I'll go ahead and sticky it for now...
I was at Walmart and to my suprise, they had Max Payne 2 for only $20. thats I think $6 cheaper than Circuit City.
gamestop has a coupon for pre-release games that gives you 10% off.

it's LABORD entered at checkout. just ordered shin megami tensei 3, digital devil saga - avatar tuner, and growlanser generations and saved 18.00 bucks. just thought you guys should know. not sure if it belongs in this thread.
Head's up to everyone in the Toronto area who doesn't have a GBA yet. Electronic Liquidators is having a huge 3-day sale (Friday 28th - Sunday 30th) which includes both versions of the GBA.

GBA SP: $79.99
Original GBA: $49.99

They don't have a web site so here are the locations:

Scarborough: 475 Ellensmere Rd.
Mississauga: 5120 Dixie Rd.
St. Catharines: 12 Smith St.
Newmarket: 514 Davis Dr.
Kitchener: 509 Wilson Ave.
Toronto: 949 Alness St. | 954 Wilson Ave #17
Downtown Toronto: 525 University Ave. | 323 College St.
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Nice contribution :rolleyes: has the Gretzky PSP bundle available for $289.99, regular price for a PSP system without the Gretzky bundle is $299.99 :up:
Got some advance deals for you guys.

Durring the week of October 22nd - October 28th, Zellers is having a fairly large sale. Of note:

Xbox Live 12-month Starter Kit: $59.97 (reg. $79.97)
Xbox 2005 Holiday Bundle*: 199.97 (reg. $219.97). You can also redeem 190,000 HBC Rewards points to bring it down to $179.97.

There's also quite a few games that are $10 off like Rainbow Six Lockdown and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood :up:

*includes Forza Motorsport and Fusion Frenzy.
Have one more advance Zellers deal:

Between November 5th - 11th PS2's will be going for $159.93 (reg. $179.97). If you redeem 190,000 HBC Rewards points you can bring it down further to $139.93.

Note that this deal includes a bonus PS2 DVD remote, so you'll be getting something extra on top of price savings.