That daily game progress thread...

Finished Hellblade 2, it's a beautiful game that really takes advantage of HDR.

I like the parts of hellblade that does not feel like it is wasting my time, I still feel like they are afraid of making a game that is too short which is why there are too many near identical puzzles that just feels like they are there to pad out the length of the game.

10/10 visuals
2/10 puzzles
2/10 combat
7/10 Environmental traversing/set pieces

Just make a walking sim already.
Not sure if serious
Finished a second playthrough of Remember Me. That makes this a month of replays (Halo CE, Portal, Remember Me), besides the usual suspects of Assetto Corsa Competizione multiplayer racing, Counter-Strike 2 and Helldivers 2. Haven't felt like getting into anything new so far.
I'm here too. But mostly for the game completion thread. And to post the occasional screenshots. It is surprising that now the forums are stable and consistently reliable, new activity has come to a crawl compared to even a year ago.

Anyway, pushing through the Mafia III DLCs. Got them for free with the Anniversary Update many years ago. It's still fun but also ridiculous how you can take down an entire police building with 30 cops or so, and as long as you escape the circle on the map they'll call off the search. But, gotta get that achievement completion average up where I can.
Finished Amnesia: Rebirth

This is probably the only game that I've played since switching to Linux, that a Linux driver issue spoiled the experience for me. There was a video driver issue specific to my generation of video card (RX570) that caused a bunch of graphical artifacts and random crashes. So I ended up having to replay a lot of sections due to crashes (and the game doesn't have a quicksave function, you have to save and exit to menu and then reload each time to save progress). And for a game that is meant to be immersive, having a bunch of graphical artifacts takes away from that. Eventually it got so bad with the crashing near the end of the game that I needed to just give up for a while. Turned out I was like 15 minutes from the end. Fortunately, I was able to load up an older version of my OS that didn't have the issues, and it worked fine to finish up and clear out some of the achievements.

As for the game itself, I just never got that into it. I think think the Amensia gameplay is a bit played out for me. I enjoyed Penumbra way back, and the original Amensia. With SOMA, the gameplay wasn't the best, but I did really enjoy the story. With Amensia: Rebirth, the gameplay was a bit better, but the story didn't grab me. The gameplay still feels the same as the original Amnesia, with nothing really new added to the mix. It kind of felt like doing a lot of the same stuff again. I remember my favourite part of the original Amnesia is that section where there is an invisible monster in the water and you need to crank open a door and run in a panic through multiple forking hallways. It was intense. This game basically just repeats that again at one point, so instead of being intense, it just felt like 'oh it's this part again'. Overall, the gameplay was just okay.
I've been without a really cool single player game for quite a while now. I get plenty of gaming time in, but the only cool single player games I played in a year that weren't re-plays, were Far Cry 5 and Outcast: A New Beginning. Can't say I loved Baldur's Gate 3.

I've got stuff like Bioshock Infinite on the backlog, but decided to go for something cool, familiar, and old enough that I've forgotten most of it. Bought Call of Duty (2003), and am killing Nazi's left, right and center.

Maybe I'll go on a full WW2 streak and re-play the Brothers in Arms games.
Finished Gears 5, not bad, but the open world stuff basically added nothing to the game.

It's a shame that the sequel is MIA.
Finished Alan Wake 2 DLC. Terrible but at least action was bearable this time. Someone ate a ton of shrooms. 2/10.
Finished Gears 5: Hivebusters, it was pretty good.

A bit annoying that it also ends with a sequel hook when Gears 6 is MIA.

It's pretty crazy that Gears 5 was released in 2019 though, this MOFO is almost 5 years old now, felt like it got released 2-3 years ago, times moves fast sometimes.

I really hope that the release of the prequel does not mean that the current Gears storyline is dead and forgotten, it deservers a conclusion.
Finished Call of Duty's ~7 hour campaign on Hardened. It's pretty cool to look back at a game I absolutely adored twenty years ago. The technology was limited, but you can spot the fun tricks Infinity Ward used to make it look like a much bigger conflict around you. 2D sprites in the background posing as additional troops, boats going in circles spawning in enemies, and especially explosions and sound engulfing the player in constant chaos.

The random ways to die are frustrating, especially at this higher difficulty level. I wouldn't have minded if they'd come up with something smart for that, like being spawned into the soldier next to you. That could've given that feeling of "soldiers die at random", and a feeling of comradery knowing you could be next / it could've been you / whoever lives, got lucky.

Having played Halo: Combat Evolved and Call of Duty so close to each other now, it's kinda painful to see how big the difference in gameplay design is. Though these two games weren't going for the same experience, it has to be noted that Halo's combat is very well designed, while Call of Duty is very much a whack-a-mole game.
I own Deliver Us Mars on the Epic Store, probably because I got it for free some time. But, it's not the first game in the series. So I bought Deliver Us The Moon on Steam for €6, and have started playing that. It's unrealistic, a little clunky, but it's got that indie love going on. And it's got zero g movement and rocket launches and spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace, so it's cool!
finished anger foot, decent arcade shooter but it gets pretty repetitive

still wakes the deep was good horror
Just finished Dead Space remake. Completed the original back in the day and it was enjoyable to go through a polished take on it. Next will probably be finishing the Seperate Ways DLC for RE4 Remake.
Pumping through Stellar Blade on PS5. Dope af game like Jedi Survivor. Badassery to the max and also best ass in a video game to the max.
Like dope!