Star Wars Outlaws

Let me guess, girl boss joins up with perfectly balanced cast of minorities to overthrow evil white man....again. Maybe it's just me but this looks like DEI slop for NPCs but regardless of that, look at the price! If you don't pay 200 or subscribe to their service that will shell you for 100+ then they cut parts of the game out because 70 just isn't good enough. I think they do this to get paying customers to pay for subscribers that can't afford to buy a game in order to inflate user statistics for their shareholder farming operation. Ironic that they used an IP from George Lucas since they can't come up with their own ideas to garner attention. Talentless copy paste slop from UBI that won't even capitalize on the IP with the force or light saber battles. Probably more tower climbing and dumb dumb shooter action ect. Looking forward to seeing the microtransactions that will no doubt be added to the game after launch. I'm calling this now, it will fail hard. Even if it didn't require an always online connection for the overpriced physical copy of a single player game or shaft the online games platform that most gamers prefer.

If you beat the game in a month then you will own the two DLC packs that will require that you subscribe another 2 months to play. If you buy the 70 dollar version then you don't get the DLC so you need to shell out over 100 and they cut already completed content from the game that is only available for 100. This is a company with a bunch of DEI hires that hate gamers and takes all of the funding they can from the industry to troll them with. They will continue to do it as long as npcs continue to fall for these scams. Also, just to turn the screws a little more, the actress that did the mocap and the voice acting for the main character is good looking. They modeled the character after her and had to go out of their way to ugly her up for the game. If girls get jealous of imaginary characters because they are pretty then they need mental help and the industry should not cater to them. No sane person wants to pretend to be a character that is more ugly than they are in the real world. WTF
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