Not sure if you have listened to the Sonos one yet, but i was at a store today and they had it setup finally. Didnt sound as full as the Bose, didnt seem to be able to handle the pressure once you start turning it up. The Bose while being a bit on the treble side was clear and the bass filled in nicely. Wanted to try out the klipsch as well but they were busted. :bleh: Still impressed with the cheapy Samsung $300, i mean not as good as the others but the difference is definitely not as wide as what the price dictates.
I did quite a bit of research last year but ended up not having to go the soundbar route.

Main questions:

1) budget?

2) powered or passive? (will you have a receiver)

3) sub or no sub? (sub much preferred)

4) what are your space constraints? these can get big

5) are you trying to get faux-surround sound or just condense the front stage to one speaker (LCR)?

I was real close to pulling the trigger on the Millenia Trio as it sounded GREAT (and I love Paradigm) - much better than any of the DefTech ones. It even had a nice, natural sounding "punch" in the low end (no real bass). I thought I had space constraints but was keeping a receiver and sub.

The Goldenear Supercinema is supposed to be one of the best (it was too long for my space else I'd have picked it). Other brands I'd check out if I were you:

Phase Technology
Atlantic Tech (this one is supposed to have the best bass if no sub)