Pockemon Go

damnit......everytime the same sh.....

damnit......everytime the same sh.....

Lots of Boreos-Raids around me, but none of my friends is online :mad:
had a ton of raids all around me during the day, just no friends to invite, At home it's the other way around, almost no raids, but everyone and their dog is online -.- Or, like today. 15 friends online, i invite 5 ..... 2 join ...and leave....i invite 5, 3 join .... 2 leave... *sigh*
thats frustrating... im trying to grind the plat medals to get through the higher levels, and a couple medals i am working on is 2k evolves and 15k berries fed to pokemon in gyms. i miss so many invites because the game doesn't let you know if you have been invited if you are sending gifts or going through your pokemon collection or something....
yeah, something seems off lately, got a lot of invite-messages but couldn't find/join any of em, very strange and very frustrating
again people left when timer was at 1....jesus f****** christ, another 2 tickets wasted....i'm getting really tired of this bs
Np hope you were able to catch. I’ve definitely lost passes before because people chicken out but maybe 5 in total over the last year. I feel like you lose multiple every week which sucks so hard ☹️☹️
yeah it's really bad lately. And yes, i caught it, yet again no shiny - nor a good normal one. But hey, i'll get a good one too at some point. No drama ;)
This version of tornadus has no shiny that’s out now ☹️ That’s why the raids have been going pretty slow. Good time to grind up some free coins...
lost another 3 raid passes cause stupid mofos leaving when the timer gets to 1...jesus f****g christ..... :mad:

this is getting old VERY fast.
you need to find more dependable people. maybe there are local groups on discord or facebook of people who raid a lot (but if the group gets too big it ruins the balance).

judging by how many random people from Germany I have on my friends list, the game is super popular there.

r/pokemongofriends has people posting raids as well but there if there is a low number of people in the raid people DO leave at 1 second left sometimes.
yeah, my friendlist is really packed, but somehow i often end up with pricks like that. As for germany, i dunno, of course i have a lot german friends on the list, but also from all around the world. The only good part with german friends is that they mostly raid at times that fit my daily routine, which is of course a problem with people from other parts of the world. maybe i'll just swap out some people, but it's a pita when they are already on the highest friendship rank.

as for the r/pokemongofriends, that's where i've got most of my "friends"

Hey Silent hopefully you didnt lose a pass there! Jesus what a disaster! The first time I ran the lobby i crashed twice, but i think some people may have stayed in. Think we had about 4.

The second time i didnt crash but way less people joined. Maybe some people from the first time were trying to fight it. I stayed in and used my pass and only 2 people were in there.

I quickly left and did it a third time and this time we had enough. The whole time like 5 mins were left. I didn't see you in that third group though. Hopefully you didnt lose a pass man!!!
yeah, that was a close call, but almost the scenario i was talking about. Had 2 raids today with only 3 people, one of them level 23, man we barely made it. Of course we were left with just a handful of balls and didn't catch the mob, well, whatever.

have to admit i was thinking "wtf, bob, don't you do that to me" :lol:
Oh thank goodness you made it! I thought f*ck now he's going to think I'm one of those idiots that leaves last second hahaha
that second one didnt stand a chance :D 10 high level people + lots of proper counters + mega. hope you catch it!