~ Official GAMING ON ANDROID thread ~

I've tried a few games since getting my phone, and have a few findings:

I like Pixel Rain - it's a simple game but it's interesting and is a good time waster - since the levels are short puzzles, it's good for doing something without having to be immersed.

I also like Osmos, the concept is pretty straight forward, but it's a nice mix of concepts in a straightforward game that looks quite nice.

Defense Craft and Midieval Empires seemed shallow and a little difficult to use the interface of... I didn't get past the demos.

I've also spent some time with Chess Free by AI Factory, it's a straightforward chess game, but the AI is pretty good (and I'm pretty bad), so if you're not a chess player, don't expect to win much even on the easiest difficulty. It's nothing fancy, but it's nice to waste some time on something intellectual now and then.

Robo Defense seemed interesting... but it's a little static. The visuals are nothing fancy and it's a pretty simple game, I didn't get past the demo, but it's not uninstalled.

Minecraft is a nice idea, but with only the basic creative mode you can't do much. The controls are ok without the Xperia buttons, but they're a bit of a pain. I'm hoping it gets to be better when survival is added.
In case you don't have it yet, this is bar none the best phone game it is currently on sale for 99 cents and is now available on android. TouchArcade President-in-Chief Eli Hodapp freely argues is the greatest game ever created Do not miss this game, and thank me later. Do not let the graphics fool you this game is simply awesome. It's hard to explain it's like puzzle quest (but much deeper and way more fun in it's matching component, essentially if you like dungeon romps you will love this and if you have an easily addictive personality you will be hooked for longer than you want to be), but you draw lines to defeat ever added enemies then keep going til you die and level up and get upgrades, it's like a rogue type game in that you just keep going deeper and deeper until you die then start all over to unlock more character types and crap, hard to explain and it doesn't sound awesome on paper but it's the best game period.

there are 10 classes,400+ unique items to buy and upgrade,30 abilities, 20 upgrades, 25 different monsters to beat etc.. you can literally play this for hundreds of hours, but each game is from a few minutes to hopefully an hour plus if your lucky.






wow you owe me hours of productivity, this thing is like crack
triple town is available on the marketplace now. it's a match 3 game with some strategy involved as you have to build a village. kind of fun to play for free, but it's loaded with microtransactions. 4$ to unlocked unlimited play then more money to buy different items. still, it's pretty generous with it's free version in terms of how long you can play the first few times so it's worth checking out.

you might remember the game from the controversy where the publisher of the game completed ripped off the developer and released an identical game after seeing confidential data and design documents. read about it here if interested - http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/39892/Triple_Towns_Spry_Fox_sues_Yeti_Town_dev_6Waves_Lolapps.php

the app is here - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.spryfox.tripletown
World of Goo and Cut the rope have gotten me addicted! Both games have a simple premise but they are really fun. :)
I got bored with many complicated 3D games (especially FPS), but what I addicted to now is Dungeon Village and World Cruise Story. I don't like playing sims on PC but apparently it runs great on touch controls.

It would be cool if someone could port original Red Alert to Android (no, I don't like any look-alike game), it would be a great to past times with it. The only thing close it is using PSX emulator and play Red Alert Retaliation, its not perfect but better than nothing.
and they finally put a paid version of the game on the market. which is nice because the ads are obnoxiously big in the free version.
I should get my new SGS2 when I get to home in NC from NJ tomorrow. My phone package is already in my bedroom. So what are the best free games must have?
Check out my game recently released for Android - BlastZone 2

Check out my game recently released for Android - BlastZone 2

Hey guys, I recently released my game BlastZone 2 for Android! It is a 2D/3D side scrolling shooter, you guys should check it out! The game has been available for the PC as well, with a lot of content updates since its release.

The website is http://www.BlastZone2.com

And take a look at the new trailer!
Awesome! I love this side scrolling shooter arcade games, reminding me of old Life Force I used to play.