Official: "Favorite Racing Videos" Thread

Video from one of the sessions at Raceway Park of the Midlands on Sunday. Myself and 4 of my friends rented the track for the day. Limited to 2 cars on the track and only the 5 of us could be there.

First time at a track since 2018, after taking last year off. ABS module failed again, after replacing that and the brake master cylinder last year when I had all the issues with brakes in 2018.

This was a session with a friend riding along, and the other car on the track were two friends in a 2018 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio. He started in front of me, let me pass, then fell back a bit trying to keep up. On the lap before my last one in this video, he blows through the braking point for Turn 1 on the front straight and goes straight off into the grass. He lingered too long and started a huge grass fire. Friends are car are just fine, but there was at least 100ft of field torched.

Another session from this past Sunday. This time out with my buddy in his e30 BMW with an e36 M3 swap and the whole book of supporting parts on the car. I outpaced him for a bit, then I waited up for him. The video is cut while I do a cool down lap and wait, and he shows up at 11:00min in.


My best run from autocross today. Unspectacular run, but thought the Waze warning in the middle made it worth posting.