Official 6x00 Stock Thread(or lack thereof)

dammitall...i was ready to install my 6600 but its gotta wait a bit longer....

My first problem was i have an oldass monitor with a DVI output but i had solved that with a unused DVI > DP adapter i had lying around work.
IN hindsight it might have been a better idea to get a new monitor first before a GFX card.....
I have been looking at some models but my specific criteria had been 27" and 144hz but i havent found one with that combination at a price i liked i have been flip flopping whether to go ultrawide 34" with 144hz which i was set on for awhile before i changed my mind and thought a single 27" would be better.....

Anyways now i was ready to plug this bad boy in and I find out my wifi card is in the way...... Its already in the furthest slot away from the GPU slot so i cant do anything about it. This new 6600 is a bit taller than the R9 290 i have (but its also shorter and lighter). The R9 JUST clears the wifi card taking up 2 slots but the 6600 wont as it takes up a little more than 2 slots.

My PC isnt close to any ethernet ports nor do i have a ethernet cable long enough to reach.
Gah more hindsight that i should have gotten a USB wifi adapter rather than going the internal PCI-E route way back when i bought it.

bleh....theres always something......

I recommend you dell s2721dgf. I have it for some time.Make sure to install the monitor calibration profile from dell site otherwise the image sucks.Or calibrate yourself if you have oportunity.
If you buy a monitor like above with 1.07 bilion colors and 10bit make sure in amd custom color you activate "Custom color" BUT deactivate "color temperature control"
If theres one thing that has stayed affordable its mons... at least the non 4k ones.
Local Microcenter is stuffed to the gills with over 200 6600, 6600XT, and 6900XTs now. Not a single nVidia card can stay in stock. Egads. AMD prices should come down hard soon.
up 150 bucks since i got it
The price on that one seems to vary +/- $150 and changes every few days. Been kinda keeping an eye on it myself just to see what it does. Currently 100 bucks more than I paid.

How do you have yours configured? Sadly, I've only run mine at default so far and haven't done a lot of tinkering. Still should boost to the advertised clocks and be a bit of a bump over a non xtxh gpu even at default.
No worries sassy. You can always sell it, recoup and upgrade as needed if you get the feels to :)

Although don't think your gonna wanna. I think your gonna enjoy the card :up:
This is intersting:

Regarding capacity, Lisa Su noted that in addition to TSMC, the firm has had issues sourcing chips from other suppliers, and that they have been working aggressively to strengthen the supply chain. AMD was negotiating with its suppliers and sacrificing some revenue to absorb some of these increases and not completely pass them on to the end user, and will continue to do so throughout 2022 to try to improve the market situation as much as possible. While RDNA3-based GPUs are still unknown, AMD did discuss Zen 4-based GPUs. A new Ryzen 7000 processor based on Zen 4 with revised I/O and a vastly better processing architecture will be introduced to the consumer market. AMD will also debut new EPYC processors featuring Zen 4 cores, as well as a cloud-optimized variant called Zen 4c, in which instructions not utilized in cloud computing are deleted to reduce core size and allow for more cores per DIE, up to 128 cores per CPU.