Newegg Scammed Us


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"Newegg claimed that the pins on our motherboard were bent (even though we never even opened it), then when we called them out, they claimed there was "thermal paste" on the socket. They fought tooth and nail to deny our $500 refund, apparently making up new stories at every corner. Newegg might try this on all motherboards, but has special leeway to do it on open box products. Don't buy them. We will be avoiding Newegg as much as we can for all future motherboard purchases (and purchases in general). It's unacceptable that everything was magically refunded and sent back and resolved after we tweeted publicly, yet we got no support when acting as a normal customer."
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I bought pretty much my whole current system from Newegg back in 2020 and luckily had no issues.

This is concerning though. Might make me think twice about using them in the future, especially if ever considering "open-box" items.
It always goes back to that bad short-term gain policy that some companies seem to have.

They'd always rather make small profits now, even if it means losing the loyalty of long time customers. Just makes no sense whatsoever.
Newegg hasn't been good since the early 2010s. I'm not shocked.

I use them sparingly these days. They never have good pricing, usually can match it on Amazon with free shipping if I can't source from Microcenter.
Newegg sucks these days. Ship 2-3 days after you order...

They print the shipping label, but don't send it out for days.
I'm sure they're regretting their policies right about now, huge bad press.

They don't care. They have been screwing over people for years. Tech Jebus coming out with a video isn't going to hurt their business much.
Going by what people are saying, you cannot even blame them being hard to deal with on the Chinese, they were like that before they got bought up by them.
yeah I've been avoiding them ever since they got bought out, luckily there's a microcenter close by.
yeah I've been avoiding them ever since they got bought out, luckily there's a microcenter close by.

wish i could

Microcenter in Phoenix closed in CompUSA's time

Fry's closed last year leaving just Best Buy in town

so it's Newegg or Amazon :bleh: