My system (please don't laugh)

My System

My System

Primary System:

Intel P4 1.4GHz, Intel 850 Motherboard (400Mhz FSB)
256MB - Samsung RAMBUS RIMM (CL2 800MHz)
2 13Gb Hard Disks
ATI, All In Wonder Radeon, 32 Mb
Sound Blaster Live!
DVD-ROM drive 12X (Toshiba)
CDRW drive 12x10x32 (TDK)
ATX12V Mid-Tower Case
Intel 10/100 Pro NIC
Creative Labs 56 Kbps USB modem
Windows ME

Secondary System:

Intel PIII 800MHz, Intel 815 Motherboard (133Mhz FSB)
256MB - APACER(CL3 133MHz)
1-20Gb & 1-8GB Hard Disk
ATI, Rage Fury MAXX 64MB
Sound Blaster Live!
DVD-ROM drive 12X (Toshiba)
ATX Mid-Tower Case
Intel 10/100 Pro NIC
Windows ME
A note on the Value cards of SBLive..
The ones with the Digital outs are named "SBLive! Value II".. it's the same one that i have and i bought it for about 60 bucks.. I don't remember it coming with cables (i purchased it last year around december) but it does come with a CD and a static-free bag. =P
CPUs: Celeron II 633MHz O/C 790MHz, Athlon Thunderbird 650 @ 800MHz
MainBoards: DFI P2XBL Rev. D+, ABIT KT7A-Raid
RAM: 3x128MB PC133 SDRAM PQI + 2x64MB SDRAM PC100 Micron
HDDs: 17GB Quantum Fireball.lct08, 30GB Maxtor DiamondMax VL30
Cases: Middle Tower, Full Tower
Video Cards: Diamond Viper II Z200, AXLE Savage4 32MB
Sound Cards: Creative SB Live! Value OEM, Ensoniq AudioPCI (ES1371) and Creative SB PCI 128, Yamaha YMF724
CD-Roms: 32x Teac 532E-B, 40x Teac 540E (PC2), 12x Samsung Ext.
CD-RW: Yamaha 8x4x24x SCSI
Monitor: 15" Hansol 501P TCO95, 19" Hansol 900P
Modem: Aceex 33.6 Internal
LAN Cards: 2x D-Link 530TX 10/100mbps
Other: A4 Tech WinBest 4D+, Logitech M35, Logitech S48a mices (PC2); Siltal Refrigerator plus Freezer :-)
Hey sean, does your True-X run well? Mine is terrible, I don't know what the problem is, I've tried everything Kenwood has suggested but the performance is at around 10x and it has trouble reading a lot of my CD-rs, im frustrated as hell with this thing. :(
I had problems with my 72x as well, though I suspect it was faulty hardware...I returned it...

Diablo II hated it...CD-R's hated made this horrible noise all ofthe time and would spin up and down randomly...
i have only had a couple of cds i had problems with none of them were cdrs after i updated the firmware with the one from their site diablo2 worked fine and i had a problem with the game machines but i installed a patch the company that made the game sent me and it worked fine i think the only other one i had problems with was turok 2 but other than that it has worked great i can install programs and games realy fast
Damn. It's too late for me to return it to the store I got it from, I'm gonna have to nag Kenwood again, they started ignoring me though, heh.