My system (please don't laugh)


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Guess I'll start off here:

Intel PIII 667EB 256K ATC Boxed version with standard fan x1
Asus CUSL2 w/ hardware monitor Rev. 1.02 x1
Crucial 256 MB PC-133 Gold SDRAM SPD Cas Latency 2 CT32M64S4D7E.16T x2
ATI Rage Fury Pro 32 MB 4x AGP Video Card OEM x1
ATI-TV Wonder TV Tuner Card Retail x1
Sony CPD-G500 21" 1600x1200@85Hz .24mm Flat AG x1
Creative Labs Soundblaster Live Value version 2 CT4830 x1
Cambridge Soundworks PC Works FourPoint Surround Sound Speakers w/ Subwoofer and Remote x1
Plantronics HS1 Headset/microphone x1
Quantum Fireball LM Plus 20.5 GB Hard Drive 2MB cache x1
Western Digital Caviar 400 MB Hard Drive x1
AOpen 48x CD-ROM x1
3Com Etherlink XL PCI 10base-T EtherNet NIC 3C900B-TPO x1
Motorola CyberSURFER Cable Modem x1
Encore 5 Port Mini-Hub x1
Antec SX1030 ATX Tower Case x1
Antec 80mm 3 pin case fans x2
Antec 80mm 4 pin case fans x2
Antec PP-303X ATX 2.01 300W Power Supply x1
Belkin The Regulator Pro™ Gold Series-USB F6C650-USB UPS x1
Panasonic Type R 3.5 inch 1.44 MB Floppy Drive x1
Standard 101 Keyboard x1
Microsoft "J" Serial Mouse 2.0A x1
My Specs:

Computer on Liebert Powersure 700 Backup
1 GHz Thunderbird (OEM)w/ Antec Twister Fan
Abit KT7A-RAID on 300w American Media Systems Power Supply
256 MB Viking Value Ram
20.5 GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive (OEM)
16/40x Pioneer Slot DVD Drive (OEM)
SB Live! Value (RETAIL)
Netgear FA-310TX Ethernet Card
NEC AccuSync 90
NEC MultiSync FE950
Netgear FS108 Switch
Cambridge SoundWorks FourPoint Surround
Microsoft Force Feedback Pro Joystick
Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Wheel
Microsoft Optical Intellipoint Mouse
Ergo Force Keytronic Keyboard

Operating Systems I Own:

Microsoft Windows 95 (OEM)
Microsoft Windows 98SE (OEM)
Microsoft Windows Millennium
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server

My Online Service is (cough), America Online 6.0 DSL for Home Networks. Download speed- Average 100 KB/second.

I hope to be leaving AOL soon, I was kicked out of beta testing for talking bad about their service and what they charge.

3DMARK 2000- 5000 3DMarks
Specs below Plus:
SBLive -> Nikko Casset Deck -> Panasonic Stereo
Sony Stereo Mic
Sony MDR-V100 Headphones
Sony MDR-V600 Headphones

Other System:

P133 w/ 64megs Ram
Toshiba Reader - SCSI
Yamaha CD-RW 4416 - SCSI
Iomega IDE ZipDrive
Rage Pro Turbo 8Meg
Generic 14" monitor

Other Other System:

AMD K62-500 w/ 128megs Ram
52x Generic CD-Rom (At least, i don't know)
Voodoo 3 2000 AGP @ 150mhz
SoundBlaster PCI512 -> JVC PC-System
Old 14" Triniton monitor
Windows 98SE


All three contected to @Home Cable services via SmartLink 5-Port Hub.. NIC's used are Realtek or the one provided by @Home, I think is SoHo.. not sure..

Avg. of ~250kb/s on my computer, don't know about others..
I don't use them. =P Ping in Counter-Strike usually sub100..
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My System

My System

Here it is :

Intel PIII 733 Mhz, 815 Mother Board-Bus 133 Mhz
Micron 128 Mb Dimm RAM- 133 MHZ
15 Gb Hard Disk
ATI, All In Wonder 128, 32 Mb (Rage128)
Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128
CD-ROM dirve 48X
ATX mid tower case
600 va PCE UPS
Rockwell 56 Kbps internal modem
Windows 2000 Professional SP1

Buying soon : DVD pioneer 12x
Sound Blaster Live value ???? Platinium????

That's it I guess...
Get yourself one of those sweet sweet Live! 5.1 cards accompying speaker set, spooge.
Well well.. a chance to post all yer boxes up eh ? Here goes :)

Main Rig

AMD Thunderbird 800MHz
256MB Infineon PC133 RAM
13.6GB Fujitsu 5400RPM Harddrive
15.6GB Maxtor 7200RPM Harddrive
Pioneer 6x/32x Slot Load DVD Drive (103S, Region Free)
HP 4/4/24 CD-ReWriter
Creative SBLive! Player 1024
Realtek 8039 10/100 NIC
USRobotics 56k ISA Modem

Secondary Rig

AMD K6-2 500MHz
Unknown FIC Motherboard
128MB Infineon PC133 RAM
4.3GB Samsung 5400RPM Harddrive
Generic 44x CDROM Drive
2MB Diamond Stealth Video Card
Realtek 8029
Soundblaster 16


Silicon Graphics Indigo2
200MHz R4400 w/1MB Secondary Cache
Elan / XZ Video Board (with 4GE's)
9GB SCSI Harddrive
Integrated AUI/10-Base-T Networking
20" Granite Trinitron Monitor

As you can see... a few machines :) I have only just upgraded to my SGI Indigo2 from an Indy - I am just waiting on a a drive sled to come through the post, so at the moment, it is just sitting redundant on my desk..

I wont bother with the list of (and I must stress legitimate) list of Operating Systems - needless to say, they number around 50 different CD's...
my specs:
p3 700e@1000, 143fsb, globalwin fop32-1 with 43cfm 80mm fan
asus cusl2-c
apacer 256mb cas2 2,2,2 5/7
45gb ibm gxp deskstar
plexwriter 16/10/40a
toshiba 4.3x dvd
soundblaster live platinum 5.1
radeon 64mb retail vivo 200/200
hollywood plus dvd decoder card
smc 10/100 ethernet card
klipsch v2 400 with cp-1 upgrade
3dcool tornado 2000 300w with 80mm pc power & cooling silencer fans
iomega zip 250 usb
hp laserjet 5l
alps md-1000
lexmark 3200
philips 19" 109b
logitech wireless keyboard and mouse
win me

and some other crap.


Asus A7V
Thunderbird 1 ghz(not oc'ed)
Radeon 64 VIVO
SB Live! Value
128 mb Infineon sdram
15 incher IBM monitor for now
Windows ME
My scores in 3dMark 2000 - 5116
Sound Blaster ????

Sound Blaster ????

Can anyone give me an excellent sound card (exact reference)
for games and mutimedia use only???
Can you also give an approximation of its price ?

Thanx for your help...
Does multimedia include dvd movies, and if so, do you have enough money to spring for a new speaker system?

otherwise you could go for the 'standard' and get soundblaster live! value or X-gamer
Sound Blaster???

Sound Blaster???

I'm getting a DVD very soon and I would like to have a good sound card ... Planning to pay between 100-200 $ ..

This card has to be very good for games and for my ATI All In Wonder (TV , Audio CD, Mp3 etc..) and also for watching movies on DVD or VCD ...

Are all of these features included in one card ?????

(And betweeen the Sound Blaster Live! value, x-gamer or whatever... WHich one is the best as an "overall card" (regrouping all features) ???? )

Thanx again
Here's Mine

Here's Mine

Dual PIII 1000MHz
Abit VP6
512 MB Crucial PC-133 CAS2 SDRAM (Soon to be upgraded to 1024 MB!)
45 GB IBM 75GXP 7200 RPM ATA-100 (Soon to add 2 more for use on IDE-RAID controller)
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 32 MB DDR
Pioneer 16X slot-loading IDE DVD
4X4X32 Acer CD-R/RW (Soon to be upgraded to Plextor 16X10X40 IDE CD-R/RW)
Hercules Game Theater XP (sound card)
Klipsch Promedia 4.2 Speakers
Antec SX1030B Black server tower case (Exposed components all have black bezels as well)
MS Intellimouse Explorer USB
MS Natural Keyboard Pro USB
Windows 2000 Professional
my stuff for whats it's worth ;)

my stuff for whats it's worth ;)

Athlon 1Gig,Chrome Orb
768MB Cas2 PC133 Micron
Radeon ViVo 64 Retail
SB Live(Original)
SB FPS2500 Digital Out Speakers
3Com 10/100Nic
3Com H/W pci 2976 Modem
Seagate Barracuda 30 Gig,7200
Maxtor 40 Gig,7200
Creative 12X Dvd
Plextor 12x10x32x CDRW
Viewsonic A90 Monitor
WinME, Win2000 pro

Comp2-aka Girlfriends PC ;) :
P3 700@933, Alpha pep
Asus P3v4x
256 Cas2 PC133 Micron
Guillemot Geforce DDR/DVI
SB Live Value
Genero 3pc Speakers
Linksys 10/100 Nic
WD 20Gig 7200 x2
Yamaha 8x8x24 CDRW
NEC A700 Monitor

Comp3-aka spare PC:
Duron 800@1000, Stock Hs/fan
256 PC133, Cas3
3DFX V5 5500,AGP
SB Live Value
FPS2000 Speakers
Linksys 10/100 Nic
WD 30 Gig, 7200
H+ Decoder board
Internal zip250
Viewsonic A70 monitor
WinME, Mandrake 7.2

All running thru a SMC Barracade w/Toshiba PCX1100U Cablemodem to Roadrunner Cable, first machine 200-500K/sec d/l, tho closer to 250 most the time,others real close
Barracade also has Cardinal 56k external and Epson 740 hooked up to it.
Re: Sound Blaster???

Re: Sound Blaster???

Jack_Beans said:
I'm getting a DVD very soon and I would like to have a good sound card ... Planning to pay between 100-200 $ ..

This card has to be very good for games and for my ATI All In Wonder (TV , Audio CD, Mp3 etc..) and also for watching movies on DVD or VCD ...

Are all of these features included in one card ?????

(And betweeen the Sound Blaster Live! value, x-gamer or whatever... WHich one is the best as an "overall card" (regrouping all features) ???? )

Thanx again

Creative makes it look like there's a big difference between their line of sound cards, but really there isn't. Live! Value is just the OEM version of the cards that comes in a little baggie with a install cd and that's it. No box, no apps, no cables (well, maybe cables, i dunno), and no microphone. I think it also lacks a digital out for your speakers (but I also believe there's a Value with digital out available)... the only difference between the retail Live!s (X-Gamer, MP3+) is the software. X-Gamer comes with some cool games, MP3+ comes with some sound utils. Then there's Platinum which comes with the LiveDrive and a remote control and gold plated connectors, I think. It's also a lot more expensive, but really no difference otherwise.

There's a new line of Live! cards though, which just adds full 5.1 dolby digital support to the card. Of course, it doesn't make much sense to get a 5.1 card without also shelling out 200-300 bucks for the Desktop Digital Theatre 5.1 speaker set that Creative also offers, so it's up to you. If you're really into sound for dvds and for future (and some current) games, a Live! 5.1 card and a 5.1 speaker system are the way to go. Otherwise a standard Live! of any kind is good, and maybe the FPS2000 4 point digital speakers to get the all around effect, which helps a lot for games that use 3d sound effects. It also sounds good for music and movies, but it's no comparison to a nice 5 channel theatre system.

There's also alternatives if you don't wan't Creative like Turtle Beach, but I don't know much about them so you'll have to do your own research.


Celeron 533@848 (106mhz FSB)
192MB CAS2 (about to upgrade to 256mb)
Toshiba SD-1212 DVD drive
Radeon Retail 64mb Vivo
Diamond S90 audio (vortex1)
Netgear FA310TX NIC
Iomega IDEZip100
Logitech MouseMan Wheel
Logitech Quickcam
Enlight 7237 case with Plexi-glass case window


Celeron 300a@464 (103mhz FSB)
4GB Seagate 5400RPM
Mitsumi 16x CD-ROM
Rage Magnum 32mb
Diamond M80 audio (licensed vortex1)
Netgear FA310TX
Logitech Mouseman Wheel
Antec Gem Series RUBY case


Win2k server
IBM PC 325 Rackmount (all black, baby)
Dual PII 266mhz
Integrated S3 video (gack)
CL Voodoo2 (was SLI, not anymore)
Integrated Intel 10/100 Ethernet
Logitech mouse
POS keyboard

Linux box:

Gateway P4D-66

40mb RAM
3x420MB drives
ATI Mach64 video
Generic 10/100 NIC
No audio
Logitech wheel mouse
POS keyboard

All this stuff is hooked up to my SMC Barricade combination 10/100 switch <--> DSL router/firewall.

Plus, about 5 other PCs in various states of repair, missing bits, scavenged for parts, hangar queens, a COCO 3 and the box that started it all, my 64k CoCo2 (still works)

I think that got most of it. The important stuff anyway.
My little system

My little system

To Ogreboy:
The OEM version of SB Live! is just either X-Gamer or MP3+ minus the software, mike and the digital CD Audio input on the card. The new 5.1 series basically just adds the ability to plug a single speaker through the digital port and use it as a center channel plus an onboard Dolby Digital decoder. The OEM version shouldn't run more than $60, so you might want to think about trying to hunt one of the OEM version down instead of spending $40 more for softwares you'll probably never use.

------------------------------------------------------------Here's the spec for my little system that weights nearly 85lbs (hmm....I wonder why).

Abit KT7A-Raid 200/266 Motherboard
InWin Q500 Full Tower w/ 300W PS
3x Antec Ball bearing case fan
AMD Athlon 1GHz (OEM) w/ Taisol Forged Copper heatsink/fan
512MB Micron PC133 Memory
Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO Retail
Creative DVD Encore 6x w/ Dxr3
Creative CD-RW 6424
Creative SB Live! Platinum 5.1 w/ Pioneer VSX-D557 Digital Receiver
JBL Flix 5point surround speaker set
Imation LS120
Netgear FA311
Netgear RT314
4x Maxtor 45GB 7200rpm UDMA100 in RAID 0 + 1
Maxtor 20GB 7200rpm UDMA100 for data storage
HP LaserJet 4L
Kodak PPM 200 by Lexmark
HP Scanjet 5100C
WinME, Win2K Pro
Just a note of interest for the SB live! Value cards. Most have no digital output, including mine. BUT on the card itself there are provisions for the connector. So I put an RCA on it just for laughs and connected to my Pioneer Reciever and presto! It works. I am unsure if all cards are capable of this but it worked perfectly for me.

I am running win2k so getting the output to work was another matter. See here if you wanna try


Duron 600 o/c to 1.1 ghz (110 FSB)
Global Win loud as an airplane FOP38
Abit KT7-Raid
Antec SX1030 Full Tower
512 mb Pc 133 Crucial Ram
2 20 gb 7200 Maxtor HD's on a Raid Setup
1 20 gb 5400 WD HD
Soundblaster Live w/ Hoontech Digital I/O Board
16x/40x Pioneer DVD Rom
8x20 Plextor External SCSI burner
AIW Radeon 32Mb at 183/183
Klipsch Promedia 4.1
Samsung SyncMaster 955DF 19" monitor
Case fans up the wazoo + a Card Cooler XT
3DMark2001 Score 3220
3DMark2000 Score 5338
$1200 at the end of last summer =P Mad hot deal searching.
Not a screamin' demon', but...

Not a screamin' demon', but...

Its not a cutting edge smoking machine, but its my "Dream" system, and is VERY stable, comapitble, and not too bad in the performance department...

Abit BX6 rv2.0 <---LOVE THIS!!! 4 Dimms on a BX board!
Intel 700e
256 Megs Crucial PC-133 2-2-2 (2x 128 Meg sticks)
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon
2x Diamond Monster 3D II's 12 Meg (Voodoo2 chipset in SLI)
Adpatec 2940U2W SCSI controller
3Com Fast Etherlink XL (10/100)
SB Live! Platinum (with live drive I, no, not the 5.1 version)
Diamond Suppra Express 56i Speaker/Fax modem (only use this for voicemail in the house)
IBM UltaStar I think...36 Gig 10,000 rpm Ultra 160 SCSI (on my U2W controller)
UltraPlex Wide (40x Ultra SCSI)
PlexWriter 12x4x32 SCSI
3com IDSN Lanmodem <---I HATE ISDN!!! Gimme DSL!
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
Microsoft Intellimouse Optical
3com OfficeConnect 4port dual speed switch
Acer 77e 17" Monitor
Creative Labs FPS 1000's (their okay...wish they had a little more umph in them though)
And my cannon BJC 6000
Fortron-Source 300Watt Supply
2 sunnon 80mm Intake Fans
2 sunnons on the Alpha P3125 Sink on the processor
2 Stealh coolers for the V2s

All this hooked up to my Mackie Mixer...

Then their is the kids systems, similarly equipped...their systems based on Abits BE6-II, one son has a PIII 450, the other a PIII 500. All In Wonder Pro's and each a single V2 1000.

My laptop:

Toshiba P166 running Win95C,

and finally, the one that started this whole money pit:

2X Commodore 64s! Yes, they BOTH work just fine!
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