My driveway has changed...

Dropped the Miata off at the dealer I bought it from this morning, they're repainting the front end after I found lots of evidence of a poorly done respray. They assure me they didn't do that respray, but they're making it right, so kudos to Maxwell Ford. They're telling me I should be able to pick it up Monday.

:cool: :up:
I did have to leave a Google review about them blowing me off when I mentioned it to my sales person to get anything to happen, but they stepped up after that.
I did have to leave a Google review about them blowing me off when I mentioned it to my sales person to get anything to happen, but they stepped up after that.

It’s nice that a review is all it took, especially after what you went through with the Colorado.

Picked it up yesterday. It's not flawless but it's a huge improvement from before. Will be getting PPF soon.
Got my replacement windshield installed today, also removed my dual dash cam to return it, gonna have to order something different since the Aukey Dro2d failed.
Worked on all 3 cars today, nothing I did on the Golf is really worth posting. The Miata on the other hand... Got a few new bits from JBR. Battery bracket was the easiest bit:


And I got mud flaps. These are made from urethane and are really nice. Very happy with my purchase. I thought I clicked black when I ordered but somehow clicked blue, but decided to send it anyways, and honestly love the way they look. They add a nice contrast, and don't look out of place.




I also cut off the weird plastic flap Mazda put on these between the rear wheel and the rear bumper. Here's an old pic with that bit circled:


Looks much nicer without it, and it was pretty easy to fix since I own a bandsaw.

Car is dirty as hell, I'll probably wash it tomorrow.
Did some work on the Miata tonight in preparation for autocross tomorrow.

Did the unorthodox thing and upgraded the rear sway bar to a JBR 16mm adjustable bar. Typically people staying in C street will do the front way bar, since you can only do one. I don't feel the car has too much oversteer, I actually feel like it doesn't have enough, so decided to try the rear bar. It's cheaper than the front bar anyways, so if it doesn't work out tomorrow I didn't lose much. Front bar is about 4x more expensive for the one I intend to get (Karcepts 1/8" wall 9 way adjustable bar).


I also swapped in Porterfield R4S brake pads up front, so far I'm really liking them. The brakes have more bite now, and don't fade as badly as the original brakes.

I also threw on my RE71R's. Went on a 30 minute test drive, hitting some turns and getting some stops in and got to say, loving everything all the way around. The car wants to turn in now, but it's predictable and controllable, and it's resolved some on-throttle rear end steering I was getting with the stock sway bar. Rear end is much more planted and body roll has definitely been reduced.
Autocross today was a blast, I love the new sway bar. Didn't have to test the new brake pads much. The extra turn-in from the new sway bar is exactly what I was after, the car corners so much better. I didn't expect to like the rear sway bar as much as I did.

Only placed 4th in Novice out of 34 entrants, but I was only 0.6s off 1st place. This is my last autocross event in Texas, I don't intend on running more unless I just wind up with a dearth of free time. Here's a video of my best run:


Considering I only had 30 minutes of drive time before the autocross event with the new sway bar I consider today a real success.
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Dropped the Miata off at the dealer today to have the black plastic panels on the roof replaced, they're developing cracks.