Media Center Edition 2005 and ATI AIW: Works Fine.

You might want to look at the Microsoft MCE remote kit.

I have Satellite Dish Network and I am able to use MCE using S-VIDEO just fine. The IR Blaster which is part of the MCE remote kit will change the stations on my DP301 receiver just fine. The IR blaster includes support for a large number of cable and satellite devices.

Microsoft A9O-00007 WinXP Media Center Infrared Remote Control - OEM

Since I have two systems running MCE2005 next to each I can also say that setting the remote ID works fine. You need to download tweakMCE from Microsoft to do it with ease but it does work nicely!

My ATI remote for my ATI All-In-Wonder X1800 is now no longer needed and is stored away.

Yup, no lags with audio/video. I know this because I have a TV in the living room that I've been watching the MLB playoffs on (because it's hi-def), and watching/recording on the PC. The sound was identical on both.

If I could just find a way for the AIW remote control to change the channel on my cable box, everything would be perfect.
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ATI AIW VE 7500 w/ MCE??

ATI AIW VE 7500 w/ MCE??

Does this mean there is a way to make MCE work with ATI AIW VE (7500), I was under the impression this was not possible. I have been looking everywhere for an answer to this question. I know if you go to ATI's site they say only the 9000 and above will work.
Appreciate any help on this issue, thanks.

These new drivers (5.3) work great with a Radeon 9700 and an AIW VE (7500) on MCE 2005. Thanks for suggesting it ArcCoyote.

I had a few problems installing the WDM NSP drivers but extracting the CAB file and installing the drivers manually worked great.

Another great feature in these drivers is that both MCE and the MMC (version 9.06) work but the "Media Center Receiver Service" must be stopped to use the MMC. Also, when using the MMC, there is no 2 second delay in the signal like in MCE.

Way to go ATI for making such a great driver.
x1900 aiw

x1900 aiw

This is the closest thing I could find to my problem on the internet. I know its old.

I Don't know how to make mce work with my x1900 aiw

I have a tv wonder 650 working fine in it.

I can get them both to work in mmc but I dont want that.

Please any help on how to make mce recognize my x1900 aiw would be very appreciated.
So, based primarily on this thread, I took the plunge and purchased Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (w/ Vista Home Premium Upgrade Coupon) and installed it on my main system (see sig for details).

I am pleased with the results, but I can't just use any listed, compatible driver set I want. I have found that Catalyst 5.13 and the ATI Encoder gives me the best quality TV.

I haven't tried EVERY set that's listed to be compatible with this card and OS on ATI's website, but I have tried a few, including the newest 6.12's. The Theater 200 AV Stream driver looks like crap on my system.

Anyway, wanted to say thanks for those who have contributed to this thread.

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I just installed Windows Media Center 2005 as well. With just the critical updates done, no rollup 2 or anything else I have a good TV picture on both MCE and MMC.

AMD Athlon 2200+
ATI AIW 2006 Edition(9600)
Catalyst 5.12
MMC 9.06.1

I do have the audio sync delay like everyone else when changing channels, but everything else seems to work fine. Unlike when I installed the latest drivers, problems just like everyone else, ATI should be barbequed for those. Here is a good site for recording MPEG2 with the AIW's.

Bad thing is MCE takes up ~80% resources when running while the AIW takes up only ~20%, I guess due to the TV on demand running all the time on MCE?
Aiw X1900, Ati Tv Wonder 650

Aiw X1900, Ati Tv Wonder 650

Ok, so here's my dilemna:

I have 3 tv tuners. 1) ATI x1900 AIW, 2) ATI TV WONDER 650, 3) AVERMEDIA ULTRATV 1500 MCE.

Now then, I installed the latest Drivers/Software Suites from ATI's website for both 1 and 2 and loaded 3 off the cd it came with.

I've configured MCE to only use 1 and 2. Here's my trouble.

Initially, MCE was only picking up static (salt and pepper screen) from my cable input, which is live and working (checked it on a tv). After going back through and using the TV setup multiple times I upgraded from static to a solid blue screen.

Does anyone else have this setup, and if so, should I only use the drivers that came WITH the cards, should I only install half of the software packages? I'm a bit confused on this bit.

Any help would be appreciated, this computer build is to appease my wife who is very pregnant and very impatient for it working ;)
I have a similar setup and am considering installing MCE 2005. I'd also like to know if I should expect both my AIW X1900 tuner AND my TV Wonder Elite Pro tuner to work. Should I? I'd love for my system to be dual-tuner, but can live with single. If I only get single I'll put the 550 Pro based card back in my other system.
Well, finally gave up on MMC and MediaPortal and bit the bullet on MCE 2005.

Wiped the PC out totally and did a fresh install. System is:
AMD 2800+
Abit KD7A Motherboard
2x512mb ddr-333 (1 gig total, matched set)
AIW 9700 Pro
Microsoft MCE Remote + Transceiver
Audigy 2 PCI

Have MCE plus all latest patches, updates and roll-up. Installed .NET 1.0 -> 3.0 (and all hotfixes.. sucks had to get 1.1 + 1.1 SP1 just to install the latest MCE update/roll-up!). Installed OS, then Hyperion 4-in-1 (which didn't seem to do anything at all.. finished almost immediately), then soundcard drivers.. then lastly ATI stuff.

Started out with the 7.2 Catalyst drivers from the MCE links on ATI/AMD Site. Installed all of the MMC stuff (again from the MCE links) without MMC though (DAO, Decoder, Encoder/Codecs) using the T200 Unified driver.

Tuner quality SUCKS on a 46" CRT widescreen TV. It's extremely low quality/artifact blocks of low resolution. We have the AIW hooked-up using a component cable at some odd 720p resolution (1162x812 or some nonsense). Also, obviously can't watch DVD's that have Sony protection as they require 480i/p, which I also cant set-up since CCC is too big to get to the buttons with 480p resolution set... ugh.

Lastly, I'm getting VPU recovery errors about once every 5-6 hours of use requiring a restart to function properly. We'll be watching TV and boof.. screen goes black, then 30-40 seconds later VPU recovery.. click "Dont Send", desktop resumes... try to relaunch the MCE shell- wont launch.. just sits on black screen. Restart and we're back in business again for 5-7 hours until the next failure. Have AGP cranked down to 4x and Fast Writes disabled in the BIOS and SMARTGART also shows 4x/no fast writes... didn't help.

Any suggestions guys? I'd be primarily interested in ways to fix the instability but improvement in tuner quality would be nice also. Also curious if anyone else uses Component/720p resolution for protected DVD's- wondering if AnyDVD will fix this (pop in a Star Wars Episode 1-3 DVD with 720p resolution, it halts once you click Play Movie from the dvd menu.. arghh). Tuner really looks like dog-dirt.. if we pass the cable signal to the TV, it looks 100x better. MMC TV viewer is also 4-5x better looking as well, even full-screen at 720p scaled resolution through the component out.
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I Know this is an old thread, but...

I Know this is an old thread, but...

Hey, I know this is an old thread, but I'm wondering if i could get some input? I have once again given up all my free time to try various combinations of Catalyst & MMC to get something that both works with MCE 2005 and retains Ati's MMC functionality (unlike so Many... I really do prefer ATI's Interface; there are a few things like recording a whole series that i would like MCE 2005 for). I'm playing around with an ATI AIW X800 XL PCI-E alone at this point. (But i have three other AIW setups going as well and one Vista Ultimate system with TV wonder 650 Cards; so i'm not a new comer to these problems i'm facing but just looking for set up (configurations that people found to work well).

I started with Catalyst 6.3, & MMC 9.08. I was seeking a set up that wouldn't install the T200 drivers (as it is my belief/understanding that the T200 drivers don't work with versions MMC 9.08 and below). Catalyst 6.3, 6.2, & 5.7 all installed the T200 Drive on the Windows XP MCE 2005 SP3 system. (I was using a clean install of MCE 2005 SP3 - In the beginning).

[[[[In another system i'm running an ATI AIW 9800 Pro with XP SP3 and had have Catalyst 6.2 running, used the automated setup and in that system it automatically set up the WDM-NSP drivers.]]]
On the MCE 2005 setup; I even went back to Catalyst 5.7 and found the two different install folders (T200) & (NSP) but i no matter what I clicked I couldn't get it to install NSP drivers...(there's no SETUP file within that folder and I clicked on every icon in that folder trying to launch it's install). When I went back to the automated installer with seperate files (Catalyst, CCC, & WDM) or when I used the combined installer for those three (either way) it always installed the T200 WDM digital drivers on the MCE 2005 system. Is this NORMAL b/c of MCE's needs? BTW in between all these different installations and un-installs I used Driver Cleaner Pro to once in normal mode & a second time in Safe mode to clean out as much as I could.

I thought (from reading this thread) that people were able to install much older versions of Catalyst like 5.3 and get the NSP drivers to work with Catalyst????? So maybe I just need to go back to that time frame (a little farther back from Catalyst 5.7).

I've tried to scrounge and piece together as many versions of Catalyst & MMC that I can --- ATI has removed all of 2005 Catalyst 5.## drivers from it's website??? So it's what I have on the many AIW disks, what i managed to download back then & what I found on sites like Guru 3d & Tech Power Up (THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!!!). BOO ATI! :mad:


After not having much luck around the CATALYST 5.7 - 6.3 with these early drivers when I could get MCE to work (once i did get 9.08 to start (which maybe blows my T200 belief) but in several of these version several chs had static for sound and were only coming in on B&W often not being detected.... I wasn't sure if there was something wrong with my AIW's tuner? B/c of the B&W and static in both MMC & MCE 2005.

SO.... I decided to go modern and see if ATI had improved things with the newest (old MMC 9.16 drivers) and Catalyst 9.1 etc. So i installed Catalyst 9.1 DD's, CCC, WDM's and rebooted, then installed the UCI/DAO, the latest DVD/DTV Decoder Drivers, and then the Encoder Package --- on the second installation attempt with the same CATALYST and MMC 9.16 I tried things without the Encoder Package but MCE 2005 Failed to Detect the AIW x800 XL's Analog Tuner without it, so i installed it at the end that time and MCE 2005 Worked. However, with this setup it seemed like it was one or the other.

Once I got MMC 9.16 to work and the there was no static or B&W ch's anymore, BUT GHOD I hate that always on-ON DEMAND crap (what were they thinking?). I know it can be disabled in the registry except that several things make it re-enable itself such as switching inputs, & then coming back to TV Tuner input turns it back on.....and I get a kick that ATI's recommended registry setting doesn't work but I've found the correct one elsewhere. SO after setting up MMC 9.16 I then used the instructions to stop the ehRecvr process either this way or using Arc Coyotes script.

"Using the ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER™ on Windows Media Center Edition

To use the ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER™ on Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition, follow these steps:
  1. Right-click on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select Processes tab from Windows Task Manager
  3. Find and select ehRecvr process
  4. Click "End Process" button to terminate the process.
  5. Launch MMC TV application. Note: These steps are not needed to start the ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER™ DTV feature."
However, i've never gotten them both to work. If I get MCE 2005 to work, then MMC 9.16 doesn't start or starts but no picture. If i get MMC then try MCE 2005... on some occasions starting one then breaks the other configuration...rebooting doesn't solve anything.

I've had to use in addition to the Add/Remove programs & DCPro i also had to use this GREAT TOOL... MANY TIMES. Without it once MCE 2005 was "broke" uninstalling & re-installing ATI's stuff even with a thorough cleaner didn't fix MCE 2005.

Media Center Reset Configuration tool.

I'd like to find a couple of set-ups that work. I have the following cards that I'd like to get optimized. (I tried to get the HDTV Wonder going in Multiview with the AIW 9800 Pro using Catalyst 6.2 WDM-NSP drivers and MMC 9.08 but apparently it's not supported in that setup. I read one small line from back then that said (multiview with the HDTV wonder & an AIW card SHOULD be available in an upcoming update. (but IDK if that ever happened & if so what versions of Catalyst & MMC need to be used. I'm still trying to find the answers to that as well.

==AIW 9600XT (AGP) Catalyst 5.7 & MMC 9.03; XP Home SP2 corrupted
==AIW 9800 PRO (AGP)Catalyst 6.2 & MMC 9.08; XP Pro SP3 HDTV Wonder PCI (currently in the 9800 Pro machine but can be moved to enable multiview)
==AIW X800 XT (AGP) Catalyst 5.13 & MMC 9.08; XP Pro SP2
==AIW X800 XL (PCI-E) Catalyst 9.1 & MMC 9.16; MCE 2005 SP3
==TV Wonder Pro (PCI) (Not in a machine currently)

(I've got other MCE 2005 but right now that's the only system it's installed on).
i've got one other system running Vista Ultimate with TV Media 2008 Pack installed & XP Pro with TV wonder 650's installed for QAM tuning and analog cable. It works very nicely in most areas (the tv pack fixes somethings but changes some other things...but the QAM is the big deal so I'll have to live with the other problems. It was built to be a gaming rig so if I can off load the TV tuniner in some other systems & setups then that's why i want to get the older setups working with MCE 2005).
Thank you