Is this a good Sblive! a good one?

here is a link to some recent sound card reviews, all subjective and no benchmarks

just thought some of you that are having problems with the SBLive might like to give this a read (not that it matters but i am a happy owner of a SBLive value oem)

Philips Seismic Edge

MaximumPC Verdict: 7

The Edge would have held its own if it had shipped two years ago, but it’s mid-pack now.

Guillemot Maxi Sound MUSE

MaximumPC Verdict: 4

The MUSE is an improvement over an ISA soundcard, but not by much.

Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1

MaximumPC Verdict: 9

The Platinum 5.1 is worth the price for the software alone.

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

MaximumPC Verdict: 8

The Santa Cruz features a clever Versajack that can perform several functions.

Philips Acoustic Edge

MaximumPC Verdict: 9

A replacement for the Vortex 2? Philips Acoustic Edge delivered the best gaming audio in this roundup.