Internet speed test

Speeds vary from ~150Mbps to 300Mbps.
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2.7Gbps at the office in Burbank CA, mashAllah!

Dang, nice!

got another free upgrade


nothing crazy compared to most of you, but hey, it's ok with me

Pretty respectful, especially your upload speed. A lot of the plans here get capped at 10-20 Mbps, which can be a drag if you have multiple people conferencing. Thought I'd post mine here since moving to Orange County. Can't complain at $70/mo and unlimited data locked for two years.

got another free upgrade


nothing crazy compared to most of you, but hey, it's ok with me
Most he sez >:E

Still stuck with 100 down 10 up and I cri everytiem :cry:

At least I'm only paying 20 bux for these past few months due to the broadband stimulus shenanigans that the US gubment is pokin.
Getting the same speed after downgrading to 900MB from 1.2GB on Comcast, No difference at all on the download, lost 20MB on the upload but I really don't care about upload. They finally let me dump the phone and I was able to use that money for unlimited data for the next 2 years. And the cut the cord crap is dead, The price of live streaming is a joke now.

My comcast is supposed to limit me to 100mbs, but on the speed tests they're generous and let me boost up to 113.
Decided last night to give MetroPCS a try again, been having connectivity issues with US Mobile (Verizon based)...


Holy ****.

On US Mobile in this very spot I was lucky to get 0.01mbps on either 5G or LTE. Had lots of dead spots around town and just bad connectivity in general, speeds were never great and US Mobile's tech support was useless.
Finally got me some gigabits, too bad it's not symmetrical fiber though, but I'll take it.

The upload is a huge increase from 16Mbps though, will be nice for uploading my gaming clips and files to Google Drive.


Haven't been able to max it out on any speed test websites, but I can on Steam and Usenet.


I can only imagine at this rate might make sense to have a 10 gbps nic in the next mobo... Are you thinking about trying an add on nic?
2500 is pretty tight. I am still at about 920-950 Mbps. About 100-110 MB/s down. Upload is also decent at about 250 Mbps.
Dave, what is your bandwidth percentage usage of 2.5Gbit line?

I have 1 Gbit up and down and with 5 kiddos all streaming/gaming I hardly use 50% of my bandwidth.

They offer 2 Gbit and 5 Gbit lines here but I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on it.

Am I missing something?