hello dead forum, need advice on a new reciever

If you can get a denon at a decent price id got for it. But since u ordered the sony gl and let us know how it turns out.
Holy hell. Working on installing those banana jacks. The house is 3yo and since this is above the garage 3 walls are foam insulation. The rear and front I can get straight down between the studs, but the surrounds have to be run behind the baseboard cuz of 2ft of vaulted ceiling on both sides of the room :(.
I'm still rocking a 605 :) It's been a workhorse. About all it's lacking for me is one or two more HDMI inputs.

That and 3D inputs. When my dual HDMI out BD player goes out I'll be screwed for 3D.

Night, your seven piece unit picture had 6 pieces. Also let us know how Sony auto config works.
Was a random pic on google :bleh:
I have the tall 6 speaker pieces in black for the front/center, and 4 of the 2 speaker satellites for the surr/back in that platinum color.

Just got the receiver today. Arrived at 11:30 this morning with free shipping Tuesday morning from LA. Unboxing looks all perfect, never previously opened. Still hanging a few speakers then gonna run temp wires while I work on the in-wall stuff. Dying to hear the auto calibration myself.
Have an old ass onkyo sub. Wife said the infinity one died. amp board probably. But that was in the trash long before i met her. I'm not bass crazy, I like the fill for that frequency but i will likely not ever care enough to get a better one.
finally dropping the old X1 i havent used in 5 years and getting a nice budget upgrade of a Panny AX-200u :D