hello dead forum, need advice on a new reciever


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to replace a 3808ci. I accidentally fried it hooking up speakers :cry:

But.. I am not looking for anything as high end as that was. I want modern features, maybe zone 2 HDMI depending on price, relabel inputs, a solid watts x7 to push some 125w/140w infinity's, and a nicely functional android app for my wife ease of use.
A year or 2 older model wouldn't bother me either. And I am not particularly brand loyal so whatever is good. I am just desperate for a starting point as researching/reading on all these damn features and cryptic lists are melting my feeble brain :(.

Reading on the SC-61 atm. Pioneer seems to have good power/processing but crap remotes and Android app support.
I like Onkyo's price points and features + useability but their previous issues worry me.
I would also like some auto setup through Audyssey or equivelent.
Thread I started on AVS that didn't really go anywhere
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I've really enjoyed the bang/buck offered by my Yamaha receivers. The front end of my current RX-V867 seems a little dated by today's standards, but it is well supported (firmware updates) and operation is pretty flawless. The remote app (android) is well implemented, though bookmarks (internet streaming) is clunky. I still have my old RX-V1000 as well, which got replaced simply because it didn't offer current inputs / outputs - eventually I'll wire it in to drive speakers in other rooms in the house.

Not a fan of Pioneer (usability) or JVC (support), but that's based on a decade old experience so perhaps not relevant.
From his AVS post ...

We moved last summer and I have been working on setting up the game room with things in differing states of functionality. The latest being I unhooked *everything* to install wall banana jacks.
Fast forward 2 hours ago, I was doing a quick rehook with amp and speakers to watch a movie for valentines. While pushing non-banana bare wire into the side of a speaker post I touched the outside ground of the pre-amp RCA jack....
There was a moment of speaker crackle and then smoke.
And I cried on the inside, because no, I didn't think to turn it off frown.gif.

Opened it up to inspect caps and fuses and of course it burned an IC so there are no repairs I can do.
From his AVS post ...


Dizzayum! I recall back in the day I was plugging some new speakers into my old LXI stereo system (probably just dated myself here), and didn't power the amp off.

Needless to say one of the cable touched the metal housing of the amp cause I was being careless and there was a colorful spark show. Fortunately no damage. But just goes to show I'm not the only dumb ass 'round here. :lol: :p

Sorry OP- friendly jab. Kinda' out of date on modern receiver tech so I'll let these pro's give the suggestions. :)
Haha, no. my wife was practically cheery when I told her. She would kill me if i got another one.
Really want current features and easier use for wife and kids. This will be in a big game room with game systems, HTPC/Steambox, Dish DVR, DVD changer, and projector.

Which reminds me, upconverting everything to HDMI is needed for the projector single connection.
If ease of use is a big problem for your wife / kids, why not get an Harmony One ???

On topic, got nothing to suggest, except steer clear of Onkyo, will never buy 'em again (blown capacitor on the HDMI board is a common issue).

I've been eyeing the X-4000, but it's over twice your budget :bleh:
Have a harmony remote of some sort. don't remember which model. She never used it. And i have another universal, very early touch screen version long ago that I got off ebay then never got around to setting up either.

Have a denon dealer guy mailing me on avs that he can sell a 3000 for $850 shipped. Kinda tempting. Although I am really liking the power and theoretically cooler D class in the SC-71. And I have to admit... the Sony 2800ES is tempting, but can't find it anywhere legit under $1000 :(.

I find the pioneer elite no warranty from online purchase to be a load of **** however.
long, long ago I decided to never ever buy anything sony again.. but I think I will have to end that now with the 2800ES. It may not have the best of the audiophile world, but it's feature list and ease of use for so many things is stand out.
I'm a huge Audyssey fan as it does a good job fixing my acoustically poor room thus I'm looking at Denon. As soon as HDMI 2.0 receivers come out I'm going to move my speakers like you did.

My Onkyo 805 is still going strong but from what I read I must be lucky.
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Other than 4K at 60fps what other benefit would an HDMI 2.0 receiver provide you?

My current setup require a dual HDMI out BD player because the receiver cannot handle 3D HDMI. My next setup will be 70" 4K with 4K Blu-ray. 60 FPS at 4K is reason enough for me. Mine also does not support ethernet over HDMI or audio return channel, yet more items I would use.

My new KDL-55W900a is my gaming LCD for the family, not movie watching.

Minus not having HDMI 2.0 the Denon AVR-X3000 is what I would get.
One reason I :heart: my Sony receiver even though it seems everyone besides me is having HDMI handshake issues with it... for less than $600 it can do everything you listed there except 4k @ 60; though it can do 4k pass-through & upscaling
I also own and use a Sony and Kenwood(lol) receivers. Nice units but when the room you watch movies in has no right side wall period you must have time domain correction. I use my Sony to power my huge Cerwin Vega speakers on my PC. I use the Kenwood from the optical out of my new Sony TV to drive a couple Pioneer SP-BS22 Andrew Jones designed bookshelf speakers. The computer and gaming rooms are not acoustic ****-holes so it's fine.

My Onkyo is THX ultra2 certified so it can rock the house if need be. All the new ones on the market are THX select2 which is still good enough.

I wonder how many speakers the OP is driving and what the room is like... of course if he buys the Denon he is covered regardless. 3 year warranty FTW.
I ordered last night though amazon and 'sony official saler' an "open box, never used" 2800ES for $650 shipped and keeping 5y warranty. A steal if all turns out well.
On the HDMI 2, I know the 5800 had a firmware update to support 2.0, but not dug to see if the 2800 did. Not that I will ever care about 4k. At least not for quite a long time for my usage.

I have a complete Infinity TSS4000 7 speaker set.

The 2800ES does not have the higher pushing power for them, but I think I will be just fine really. Feature wise I am ecstatic, and if I never have another more powerful amp to compare... ignorance is bliss :D.

My game/media room is 20x20ft above the garage with only a regular door in. I will likely research sound panels to strategically place someday.
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