Give me some AMMO !

The Uice software may be better, but it's another $20 to pay for a product that already comes with software.

I'd much rather see ATI change their corporate position and release the buttons. I have 'TV' and 'DVD' on a PC that doesn't even have a TV Turner. I'd like to have the TV button fire up my MP3 player.

Stephen? What does ATI need to justify releasing those buttons? Or on the other hand, what justification does ATI have to keep them locked down?
I would also like to see a plug-in for the Xcard. I don't know anything about c programming. Any help or information would be great.

Nidan - Still Around?

Nidan - Still Around?

I just got myself a RW1 today and am really happy with Nidan's Winamp 5 modifications, but there is two or three more that I really want.

1) When you mute, it lowers the volume to 0 rather than using the mute function.

2) I would like to use the CHA + - buttons to adjust the winamp volume and the VOL + - to adjust the windows WAV volume.

3) Maybe a jump command by track number using the number pad.

I'm sure that these mods aren't too hard (esp the 1st 2), but if Nidan isn't up to this project anymore, would you mind sharing the most up to date source so that I might be able to pick up the ball for a bit?

How bout a good Meedio plugin??? The MyHtpc plugin (Meedio's predecesor (spelling?) does not map al keys and is not working as one would like in my opinion....
Serial port?

Serial port?

Will the RW plug-in system let me re-map buttons to send signals through a PC COM port, or does it have to work through another application (i.e., Winamp)?
I've been thinking in the same sort of lines. I have some robotic projects in which I want to implement a few buttons on the RW2. All done in VB.NET though and now fishing around for some help to get the sample ported to VB. My knowledge of C# is shocking :(
Unless I've missed something, there isn't a version of the AMMO SDK for the Remote Wonder 2, right? I figured out the changes and made some modifications to the header file to add definitions for more buttons. I also have a modified version of the sample Winamp plugin that uses the buttons which I included, too.

The new header file has support for every button on the Remote Wonder 2, except for the buttons previously mentioned that cannot be reassigned (TV, DVD, ATI button) and the PC and AUX1-4 buttons (Probably impossible. Why would you want to reassign those, anyway? ;)).

The modified header file and winamp plugin:
Compiled version of plugin: (should I make a new topic for this?)
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A VLC plugin???

A VLC plugin???

I've just rediscovered the VLC Media Player. Mainly, I like it because it handles QT files like any other file and I can watch them full screen on my TV monitor. (QT player doesn't use the same overlay, so Theater Mode is not triggered, I guess). I would like to know if anyone has attempted a plugin for this player. I'm not a coder in any respect so I would need assistance in this (yeah--like 100% assistance) endeavor.

Or is the RW (1-2-Plus) a future dead-in-the-water product. Maybe ATI should open-source the RW to encourage development. It doesn't seem to be interested in the product themselves.

BTW: The RW2 was made by X10, who quit making them. That is why you didn't see the IR Blaster (for cable box control) ever materialize. When you depend on others to make things for you, you take the chance that if they tank---YOU TANK!!!!

Ah well...

Hi everyone, I just got myself a remote wonder, and just as soon I felt the need to create a plugin for an IP-TV software (AdslTV).

I just have one problem... though my source run just fine through compilation, the resulting dll is not recognized by ATI's soft.....

So I'm looking for help with this plugin... if anyone could be nice enough to take a look at my sources, just tell me and I'll send it to you...

Thanks a lot !
Hmm, I'm not sure whether you will see this or not, considering you've only posted here once before.

Make sure you have added a version resource to your dll. The software will only work with plugins that have this. It uses that to display some information about the plugin.

BTW, since my site has moved since I posted the above links, I updated them to the proper addresses.
What do you like about this game?

What do you like about this game?

after playing it I must say, Though it does have good visuals, the gameplay became boring and repetitive pretty quickly.

What music do you like?
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