Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

I just transferred my PS4 saves to the directors cut and it put me in a new area. Also it’s gave me all kinds of trophies for some reason. I did not want that to happen

Oh never mind about the trophies. It was just transferring the PS4 trophies to PS5 version.
Then no,

it's for sure sharper, and the dualsense is nice.

But unless you're dying to play again, I don't see much point.

That's where I'm at. It's already a gorgeous, insanely fun title to play.
Even the home delivery guy wants 60 bucks for it. Guess will wait for sale because it is going to tank as a game. Also not many people have PS5 anyway.
I bought the upgrade yesterday for $30 and i think its well worth it. Does anyone know if one can safely delete the PS4 version?
I will definitely whip out $30 for the upgrade once my PS5 arrives. But for KAC, if you sold the original, $70 bucks for just the upgrade doesn’t make much sense. Can’t you resell the new version once done anyway? So is it really $70. More Ghosts of Tsushima is always a good thing!
I uninstalled the PS4 version after importing my latest save over to the PS5 version and making a few new ones.
Saw the update videos and the Island alone is not worth 60 for me about now. Will definitely purchase once it is cheaper.
Did anyone try this yet? Any feedback? I am waiting for my PS5 to arrive before I jump in. Just wondering how it is.
Try what?

It's basically slightly more accurate shadow projection, much sharper, and dualsense support which also works well.

I mean the game it self is great, if you are itching to play it again the PS5 version is the way to go, but it's not like a OMG need now type of upgrade.
I stopped playing games on the hard mode years ago but
I wish I would have with this game.
On medium it's pretty damn easy.
I did get to Iki Island. I headed over there the first chance I could. Probably not recommended to do it that way as it’s mostly end game level content. I headed over with limited armor and upgrades, none of the cheating resolve powers, and none of the blow guns. It’s fun and feels a little more Dark Souls as enemies can take down more than half your health when they hit and you have to nub at them a while to take them down. Did the Mystic Tale that gives the new armor set and the duel at the end was pretty epic. Died about twenty times before learning the right moves to end that bastard. Your hits barely touch him and some of his 3 hit combos are insta kill no matter how much health you have. Fun!!
After finally finishing Nioh + all the DLCs, Ghost of Tsushima is #1 on my list of games I want to play next. But I keep seeing rumors of it coming to PC sometime next year which is making me hesitant.

Also I don't have PS5, just PS4 Pro so I'm wondering about the improved performance benefits I could take advantage of. All I really care about is better framerate (60 fps at least). I see articles online mentioning the PS4 Pro has the option to choose prioritizing an improved resolution or an improved framerate. But does that mean 60 fps?

I think knowing this would greatly help me decide. If it just "smooths" the framerate but essentially still stays around 30 fps I'll probably just wait.
It’s 30 fps. It’s a crazy beautiful 30 fps, but still only 30. I didn’t see a major difference between the 4 and 5, but with your sensitivity to frame rate it might affect you. It would be great if a friend had it on the 4 pro so you could sample it first hand….
I unfortunately have grown very sensitive to low framerate in any game. Might still give it a shot though, but I want to try to get the game cheap in case its unbearable. Cheapest I'm finding it at retail right now is $40, but I think I might be able to get it used for $20-25 if I watch Ebay for a few weeks.

We'll see. Maybe it will work out for the best and I'll end up just waiting for a PC release.
The only input I can really offer is that 30 fps in this looks absolutely nothing like 30 fps Bloodborne. The entire experience was super smooth for me…but then :again, I don’t have that sensitivity so…grain of salt :(