Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

This game is pretty dope, and my closed-back gaming headphones actually do a pretty good job of blocking the noise of the fan on my ps4 pro.

It's a pretty good looking game too, but this game really deserves a real ps5/pc version, it's not hard to spot where they cut the corners/had to use a low detail setting.
That's one thing I love about the PS5, no ****ing jet engine noise. It's so quiet I'm not even sure it's on sometimes.
Picked up the PS5 directors cut tonight. Just reached Act1. Pretty damn engaging so far. Beautiful game.
Yes I am also confused. I was frantically searching everywhere but could only see pre orders.
It's $30 if you own the PS4 version already.

Yeah, I was just commenting on the benefits of holding off to play after the DC is released.

I could have bought the PS4 disc version at my local BB then upgrade saving a little money but I didn't want to be bothered with disc swapping.

So far imo it's one of those rare titles that deserve the full price admission.
$70 and no complaints.
Can't say that about most games.
Hard to say because they've not exactly said much :bleh:


However judging by the comparisons from the trailer and the PS4 version playing on the PS5 it seems it has other changes albiet not huge.
I'll take the sharper picture and dualsense support, is it worth the money? Probsbly not, but a fool and his money are soon parted.
I just transferred my PS4 saves to the directors cut and it put me in a new area. Also it’s gave me all kinds of trophies for some reason. I did not want that to happen