"Free" Remote Wonder II upgrade, anyone got it from ATI?

design is not bad, the feel of it is ok, but for as how it handles, i dont know yet.. gotta get it workign first... i definately like the look of the reciver better than the little silver dongle that comes with the RWI
well, thanks to ultraright i've gotten the RWII installed and working, and i was able to go out into the hall at my apt building (approx 20-30 feet away) and it worked fine, but one thing i noticed for sure is keep it away from your computer... even when i had it next to my tower i got poor reception. i moved it to the top of my desk and immediately got better reception!
I attached a 10' USB extension cable to my remote wonder receiver so I can mount it far from my computer, and it makes a huge difference in the range of my remote.
I was hoping to get better range w/ the RWII over my RWI, but it turns out the signal cuts out at almost the exact same place that my RWI does. I moved the receiver around to many different locations using a USB extension cable, and it still cuts out around the same location. My guess is something else in the house is interfering since the position of my receiver does not seem to matter, and it's doing as bad as my RWI. I do have a bunch of wireless keyboards/mice going in the room and a wireless network that runs throughout 2/3 of the house. It's probably cutting off at the same time due to signal interference.

I like the new AUX feature a lot. I always wanted to be able to control my media player while doing other stuff w/ the remote and this lets me do it. :) The functionality is a bit buggy right now though. Hopefully, it will be smoothed out w/ subsequent RWII software updates.
As far as interference goes, anything metal really degrades the range of the remote wonder. A metal cabinet, refrigerator on the other side of the wall, things like this make it tough. I bet these remotes are tested in an office type environment, not a typical house, where there could be a number of reasons for interference.

I just received my Remote Wonder II. It works fine. Extra features are nice, but does anyone know what those two plugs are on the side of the receiver near where the antenna is? They look like headphone plugs. I plugged a headphone into one of them just to see if it was the same size as a headphone plug and it is. So anyone know what they are for?
2 Questions answered!!!

2 Questions answered!!!

1. You are "supposed" to use the RWII drivers from the AIW 9600 install disc. Some people have reported that the RW (version2.2) drivers from online don't work. If you notice, the RW and the RWII have different drivers listed on the website and the RWII driver states that no driver is available for d/l on the website and to use the one on the disc.

2. IR Blasters allow the computer to control stereo components/cable boxes/satellite tuners that use InfraRed remotes. This will allow the computer to change channels on things like digital cable tuners to schedule programs not available through the analog cable line.


I have a set of RF Blasters that came with my RCA television because it has the guide plus! built in that allows it to control my cable box or vcr. maybe ati/gemstar are planning something like that for the computer version.
Finally got it.

Looks nice but I don't think the battery life is going to be that good with all those flashy things.