Watched EP1. Very different than the books in some ways, but that's OK. Even Asimov said he didn't think the Foundation books would make good movies. Lookin good so far.
Same just finished EP1. Seems like your typical sci fi bullshits so I am in.
Damn second episode ending though.

Yeah I gave a heads up on that, fortunately only a 48 hour wait now. My hope is now that this is going to be another space opera that it will be distinct enough from the other universes. It's interesting in the that the books were the first of the genre but the show is way way late in the game. I get the feeling after a character reveal that Apple is going to be making Asimov-verse to compete with Disney's Star Wars and Paramount's Star Trek.

I dunno though, academics against the universe sounds like something only 12bass can really get on board with. No mystical Force, no Spice economy, no band of pseudo military/exploratory do gooders. Just a bunch of academics belief in mathematics to steer humanity from the really bad stuff and probably doing some pretty messed up stuff in the process if the math says so because the math doesn't feel nor does it lie.
Well now we know why episodes 1 & 2 were released together. So the real show begins now?
I think the changes lee pace is making between episodes of how he plays brother day are impressive. the alterations based on which generation of character he is playing instead of being the same in each.

I'd argue the show is being true to the books just taking the extra step of rather than just describing that events happen having characters go through the events which makes for better story telling and is kind of neccesary in an adaptation to screen.
Yeah, I think in ep-4 the shifting between the generations became clearer and frankly, impressive. The theme of all of the Empires/Emperors being the same yet different, and having them argue with each other and blame each other for past acts (in the presence of the Dawn Empire), was also effective.
Ep 5 is a big mess. Also sorta cliff, so maybe hold off and hope watching Ep6 immediately after will dull the pain.
I liked it. So far so good as far as I can tell.

The eye-candy is amazing. This series has the ability to intently put me in the show. Kind of like the first few seasons of Game of Thrones did. I'm just focused in after the credits.
Don’t know where the show is going but it seems it is designed for 20 episodes right now. Pretty sure a massive cliff hanger is coming when it ends season 1.
Don’t know where the show is going but it seems it is designed for 20 episodes right now. Pretty sure a massive cliff hanger is coming when it ends season 1.

Well, that would be following the books if they tie up season 1 where I suspect they will.
8 episodes in and I’d say the series is good. I am definitely more engaged in the overall story and characters. It’s an interesting story mechanic they use to maintain continuity on a story that looks like it will last several centuries. There are a lot of interesting and open questions that still need answering. I never read the book so not sure how true to that the series is. But, I am enjoying it.