Firefox 48 64bit high ram usage

The Edge is missing basic features like bookmarks.
You know best since you have no choice but to use it.:lol: It funny how Adobe couldn't make a solid reader when it them who created the format.

There's the difference: I don't really use .pdf files away from work unless I have to. And even then I'm only needing something to display the document, so I sometimes forget that other people actually need those other features. And I definitely don't know best... I'm just heavily biased against Adobe (duh). ;) Don't know why they can't just create a streamlined reader with a few of the more advanced features thrown in.

BTW, :up: to Seyiji for suggesting SumatraPDF.
Adobe has gone full retard with their latest cloud version Acrobat Reader DC. It was always a normal install on computers at home and at work but more and more the built in reader's are now good enough.