Favorite iPhone/iPod Games

One last one to make your jaw drop should be submitted soon to apple


this is out now and as well as a few other game
gangster RIO from gameloft.

looks very good,like gta. just finished downloading. and it looks very impressive

check it out
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3 Huge releases night tonight:

Infinity Blade 2:


Next up COD:Black Ops Zombies- includes voice chat 4 player co-op


Bards Tale: direct port of the PC version


In other news android users are modding their OS, so all their icons line up perfectly! how exciting!
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In addition here is some highlights from the past month:

E.P.O.C.H- A unreal powered 3rd person cover shooter that plays like a mix of GOW,Space Invaders, and Infinity Blade

Sparkle2:Evo- very similar to Flow on the PS3

Extraction: Project Outbreak- A overhead zombie shooter with unique touch mechanic

Bullet Time: Overhead Shooter with quests and xp and crap

Aquaria: direct port of pc game

Riptide GP: a wave runner game

Shantae:Riskys Revenge-A highly rated platformer wiiware port or DS port not sure which

There were also your typical Gameloft releases
Modern Warfare 3think COD and Gangstar Rio think GTA which were previously mentioned.
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Rockstar revealed that the 10 Year Anniversary Edition port of the game-changing open-world title Grand Theft Auto 3 will hit the App Store and Android Marketplace on December 15th at an agreeable price point of $4.99.

Compatible Devices
Apple iOS Devices: iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4 & 4S, iPod touch 4th Generation


New releases tonight:

Six Guns: RDR clone from Gameloft


Mini Motor Racing: Nice little Racer


Batman Arkham City Lockdown: Infinity Blade meets Batman


Defenders of Ardania: A really polished TD game, BEAUTIFUL!


Michael Jackson The Experience
: MJ rythm/pedophile game


One last game I forgot the other week is:
Assassin's Creed Recollection: A really polished TCG


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Does the Michael Jackson game allow for botched cosmetic surgeries, burnt eyebrows and too? Those would be integral parts of the Michael Jackson experience.
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Never even heard of the batman one.. gonna have to check that out. Thanks for updating my thread toad :)
Some other games releasing this month:

First up is a God of War clone looking damn impressive on the Unreal 3 engine.
Infinity God

Next is M.U.S.E a third person shooter using the unreal engine (will update with trailer tomorrow


Ice Rage: a hockey game can be played in SP or 2 person MP

Sonic CD
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Eagle eye I did not get a chance to try it but I will. Did you make a thread at neogaf or tough arcade yet? If not, I would recommend that you do.
Eagle eye I did not get a chance to try it but I will. Did you make a thread at neogaf or tough arcade yet? If not, I would recommend that you do.

I hope you like the game!

Oh I didn't make a thread at either of those places yet, thanks a lot! I'll do that ASAP
kingdom rush....

i liek this tower defense game the most..

this game is very deep with so many upgrade and different classes et
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In case you don't have it yet, this is bar none the best phone game it is currently on sale for 99 cents and is now available on android. TouchArcade President-in-Chief Eli Hodapp freely argues is the greatest game ever created Do not miss this game, and thank me later. Do not let the graphics fool you this game is simply awesome. It's hard to explain it's like puzzle quest, but you draw lines to defeat ever added enemies then keep going til you die and level up and get upgrades, it's like a rogue type game in that you just keep going deeper and deeper until you die then start all over to unlock more character types and crap, hard to explain and it doesn't sound awesome on paper but it's the best game period.

there are 10 classes,400+ unique items to buy and upgrade,30 abilities, 20 upgrades, 25 different monsters to beat etc.. you can literally play this for hundreds of hours, but each game is from a few minutes to hopefully an hour plus if your lucky.





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Ive been playing a game called New Orbit. Has an interesting story but is really short since its an "Episode 1". The game is based on gravitational pull and thats about it... but its pretty cool.