Favorite iPhone/iPod Games

New game out tonight looks pretty decent has a LBP look to it:

Paper Monsters: Price 99 Cents




and coming soon for all you God of War lovers

Infinity God


Last but not least Epoch is on sale down from $4.99 to a paltry 99 cents

Epoch: unreal based cover shooter

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Since this game was recently released for Xbox live I have started playing it.. its called Quarrel.. its basically risk and a word game combined into one. Its fun but lacks multiplayer which would really make this game worth getting.


Ticket to ride is free today, a strategy board game. Pretty fun if you got someone else to play with.

Kind of interested in the new infinity blade dungeons... looks like a god of war rip off :p

Aralon 2 screens:



also if you like recettar on steam, then adventure bar story is out:

Swordigo. I think it's free at the moment. Downloaded the free version and I got the whole game.


I don't have an iOS device, but this game is by the mobile division of Slightly Mad Studios.
Coaster Crazy
(iTunes Link now Free)

I have been playing this game.. its pretty good.. you have to build coasters to meet certain objectives like certain lateral g's, so many loops, spending so much money on each coaster, and so on. There are plenty of pieces and coaster types. You can even first person ride the coasters you make. Another great feature is a sandbox level where you can make the best coaster you can come up with.





Well I have become completely obsessed with iPad games and so has my wife and son. I have been enjoying Sonic Jump, Gold Digger 2, Bike Baron, CSR Racing, NFS Most Wanted, Infinity Blades, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. I am also going to get Bad Piggies and Orcs Vengeance soon. Also downloaded free version of NOVA and will get NOVA 1, 2 and 3 if I like it. Another set of free games are Contract Kill 2 that I quite like. Also like Horn for some adventuring. Horn's graphics are insane for an iPad to be honest.
Horn is entertaining, if you havent played it on pc you should grab bastion too

I read that they changed the control scheme for iOS.. something to consider.

The iphone version was 99 cents over the holiday but it just jumped back to 4-5 bucks.
I read that they changed the control scheme for iOS.. something to consider.

The iphone version was 99 cents over the holiday but it just jumped back to 4-5 bucks.

i got it a month before the sale, the control can be swapped between classic point and click like on the pc or virtual dpad, i find it easier to play with virtual dpad but sometimes aiming with the breakers bow can get difficult as it will auto aim to something you dont want to shoot yet
Best games for ipad are:

Card game: ascension
Board game:carcassone
Behind the back runner: epic knight
1st person runner: into the dead
Match 3: dungeon raid
One button runner: Rayman run
Fps: modern combat 4
RPG: ravensword
Old school rpg: Baldurs gate
Turn based strategy: ravenmark
Wargame: battle of the bulge
Reverse tower defense: anomaly Korea
Crazy ass rpg/wow raid rts thing : battleheart
Platformer: Mikey shorts
Twin stick shooter: minigore 2
Bike game like trials: bike baron
3d platformer: crazy hedgy
Third person shooter: shadowgun
First person adventure: dark meadow
Another great game is Orc Vengeance. Isometric view Diablo style RPGs, only much better. :p