Fancy new ATI Remote Wonder Plus... Doesn't work

My HDTV wonder came with a RW+ and the proper software (RW and RW+ drivers) on the disc. The drivers on this disc are the ONLY drivers I could find that work. I'm guessing RW 3.02 will include the updated X10 files.

If you need them they are at

These are just the drivers for the X10 USB device. Unzip and install in device manager, then install the ATI RW software if you haven't already. Reboot and it should work.
I just pulled the trigger on buying that HDTV Wonder and it came with a “Remote Wonder Plus” remote as well. I haven’t had time to install it yet though because my Wife has been taking up a lot of my free time with a bunch of little tasks on the weekend but I should be free of the minutiae (minutia) soon.

From this thread I expect trouble from the RWP.
If you just bought an HDTV Wonder with the RW+ included, make sure you use the drivers from the included CD (in \install\remote). Apparently there is a special version of the RW software required for the RW+ and it's not available online. RW will NOT work.

For the card and MMC use the newest drivers from the web.

For the HDTV antenna, buy a better cable :-)
RW+ drivers from HDTV Wonder CD.

RW+ drivers from HDTV Wonder CD.

OK, as you might have guessed, the disc I got with my HDTV wonder/RW+ bundle has working drivers. Looks to me like they will work with the RW, RW2, and RW+.

They are not a nice single-file installer, but I can zip them up . They MIGHT fit on my PWP space.

Would it be OK to upload them and link to them here? Normally I wouldn't do that, but it seems quite a few people are stuck with the RW+ and no drivers.
I’ll take a look at the driver CD today to see what is on it.

I will be installing on a XP MCE 2K5 system with a pre-installed Sapphire Theatrix Theater 550 Pro card. I’m going to attempt a custom installation that will allow the HDTV Wonder to have both the SDTV and HDTV functional under MCE.

I’ll also install MMC but I will be limited to version 9.03 because it was the last known version to work with the Theater 550 Pro chip. I hear there was a leaked 9.04 version that had some HDTV Wonder fixes but I don’t know where to get it.


OK, I got my Remote Wonder Plus working without much effort.

After plugging the RWP into a free USB port on my MCE 2K5 PC a request for drivers pops up. Searching for drivers online via the wizard didn’t work so using the CD that came with the HDTV Wonder seemed to do the trick. I had to manually install the drivers from the CD and reboot before it would work.

All in all it’s an OK remote but not much of a change from the RW1 and the RW2.

The Sapphire/Cyberlink remote that comes with the Theater 550 Pro was much easier to install. All you need to do with the Sapphire/Cyberlink remote is plug it in (it auto installs with no CD or reboot needed) and it just works,….works with MCE out of the box too. However, the lack of any blaster support has me favoring my MCE remote over all others.
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Update - After much *****ing and complaining ATI was nice enough to send me a new replacement remote wonder plus and USB receiver in the mail at no charge. So now I have two of them. Unfortunately neither one works at all. I am using the remote wonder drivers included on the original CD with the HDTV Wonder and Windows XP SP2, with the latest ATI MMC.

So I am at a loss. I suppose the only thing to do is wait for new drivers.

Perhaps we should start comparing which driver version our respective install discs came with or perhaps even the disc version.
the remote worked for me and it worked for others but oh well

there are some remote plus drivers on the ati page. check them out. good luck.
I see that they now include the Remote Wonder Plus as a sub section. They didn’t do this before so it is understandable that people had problems or some confusion.

Seems like the latest driver version for the RWP is version

Remote Control Software
Posted May 17,2005
REMOTE WONDER PLUS Software Version (Multilanguage)
Posted May 17,2005

Software and drivers for the REMOTE WONDER PLUS. This software bundle supports Windows XP, Windows 2000.

ATI REMOTE WONDER PLUS Plug-Ins To provide additional functionality for REMOTE WONDER SERIES, ATI is providing additional downloadable plug-ins for TheaterTek and DivX Player. (Plug-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint and Nullsoft Winamp are already included in the latest CATALYST software release.) Creating your own plug-in for REMOTE WONDER SERIES is now possible with ATI’s downloadable software development kit (SDK) available from ATI’s Developer Relations website. This SDK allows developers to quickly extend the functionality of REMOTE WONDER SERIES by creating Application Manipulation Modular Objects (AMMO) to control practically any software running under Windows.

Why oh why doesn’t ATI provide an official MCE 2K5 plug-in!?!