Fancy new ATI Remote Wonder Plus... Doesn't work


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I recently purchased an HDTV wonder from ATI's website. It came with their new fancy "Remote Wonder Plus" remote control.

The challenge is that the remote doesn't work. The software installs ok (tried on two different Windows XP SP2 machines) but the remote software never recognizes any keypresses from the remote. Their tech support didn't know they were now shipping the remote wonder plus with the HDTV wonder, so they are a bit baffled.

I tried both the original software from the installation CD as well as the latest stuff from their website. If I were to guess it would be that the original drivers for the remote wonder plus are not compatible with MMC 9.0.6, which is of course required for the HDTV wonder itself to work decently on my machine.

I noted on the longer HDTV wonder discussion thread at least one other person with this same problem.

Has anyone else been able to get the new remote wonder plus to work?
Very interesting!

I didn’t know that the Remote Wonder Plus was shipping with the HDTV Wonder either. Perhaps, it was a mistake but we may never know. Unfortunately, I have been holding off a bit before buying the HDTV Wonder since I was hoping that they would offer an OEM model without the RW1 and antenna. I definitely don’t need another RW1 (already have a RW1 and RW2) and I think I can get around the need for the included antenna.

Anyway, from what I have seen of the RWP I’m not too crazy about it either. I say this because it doesn’t really seem to be very unique with respect to its predecessors and there still isn’t an included “Blaster” which makes it virtually useless for my purposes.

But enough of that,…

Let’s cover the basics, does the RW software load up in the system tray?
Agustus said:
Very interesting!

Let’s cover the basics, does the RW software load up in the system tray?

Yep - the software loads just fine and I can see the remote wonder icon in the system tray. Also no errors in the device manager. Installed both the CD version and the new version from their website on both my media machine and a thinkpad... Behavior is that nothing happens on any keypress from the remote. I even put new batteries in it!
ddruker said:
I recently purchased an HDTV wonder from ATI's website. It came with their new fancy "Remote Wonder Plus" remote control.

As Agustus have said, I also thought the HDTV comes with RW1. The Remote Plus comes with my ATI TV Wonder Elite only works with the driver that comes with my Elite installation disc. I tried to use the lastest one from the website too but it won't work. I guess it is due to the new additional buttons on the remote.

Try to email ATI directly to ask for an update driver for your Remote Wonder Plus.
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Hummmm, again, very interesting.

I just bought a Sapphire Theartrix Theater 550 pro card, which only differs from the ATI TV Wonder Elite
with respect to the included remote.

My reason for brining this up is that AFAIK there is no official support for the 550 Pro chip in MMC. I have heard that some were able to get their 550 cards to work with the newer versions of MMC but I haven’t heard anyone (before you) even try to get the RWP to work in MMC.

It stands to reason IMO that the officially MMC incompatible Theater 550 Pro may ship with an equally MMC incompatible RWP remote. At least that might be the status quo and this may change in due time.

I wouldn’t expect the HDTV Wonder to ship with the RWP but I think it even less likely that the HDTV Wonder would ship with RWP drivers on its install disc.

Using a USB hub I was able to get the RW1 and the RW2 to work on the same system using the RW2 drivers. This was just a test and I think it shows the similarity between the two products, however, there is no reason to think that this would hold true with the RWP. The RWP may be a very different product under the hood.

I would suggest that you make sure you have RWP compliant drivers.
ddruker said:
I recently purchased an HDTV wonder from ATI's website. It came with their new fancy "Remote Wonder Plus" remote control.
I too just bought the HDTV Wonder /w the fancy RW Plus a few weeks ago and I am having the same EXACT problem. I've tried installing from the disk and from the web site but nothing works! I tried in XP Pro and MCE 2005 both with no luck. I think as usual ATI released hardware BEFORE they had software to support it.
wrong driver

wrong driver

I have the same problem with the remote wonder plus, I found out yesterday they we need the 3.0 version the 3.01.0 version won't work they said they will have the 3.o driver in a couple of weeks on the ati web site. I'm taking everything back this is rediculous.:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
i had the remote wonder plus for the few days i had my wonder elite. in device manager try manually updating the things under the usb section that pertain to the remote. i think theres controlller, input device, and something else. i cant recall exactly what i did in there. but if you mess with it for a little bit you should get it working. if you go into the ati remote program and options it allows you to set the remote id, your good.
Ati Sucks

Ati Sucks

Totally agree dudes -- the remote wonder plus sucks! What kind of company puts out hardware without the driver (XP can't even recognize the driver 3.01 or whatever is out there on

Let me know if you find a solution.
as i stated, i had that remote and it worked for me. just install directly from the cd. iforget where the folder is but its there. you may have to manually update, but it will work. should you have to go through this, no....but you do.
Tristan - the common thread so far is that everyone who has received the remote wonder plus with the HDTV wonder cannot get it to work. I see from your .sig that you may not be using the device or the drivers that came with the HDTV wonder - that may be why you have success when we all fail.

Also - are you using XP service pack 2 or SP 1? On the two machines I tried to install on, SP 2 does does not recognize the drivers for the remote wonder plus - and when you manually find them it installs only a USB controller device, not the other devices I understand are expected - an alternate mouse device, etc.

Can you provide more detail - are you using an HDTV wonder with the remote wonder plus or a different ATI product? What version of XP do you have? When you installed did you get a single device or multiple devices recognized in the XP hardware control panel?
i could be wrong, but isnt the remote wonder plus with the hdtv wonder the same as the remote wonder plus that comes with the tv wonder elite? i got the remote to work under xp pro(w/o sp2), win 2k, and i think i used it on xp media version which already has sp2 built in. again, im assuming the remote wonder plus with the tv wonder elite is the same as the one with the hdtv wonder. the remote drivers i used came directly from the software cd.

i returned the wonder elite so i dont have the remote anymore. so now i only have the remote wonder and remote wonder 2.
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Remote Wonder Plus

Remote Wonder Plus

What we know...
The product we are concerned about is the "Remote Wonder Plus" that is packaged with the HDTV Wonder. If you are unsure about what it is refer to these links.
The drivers on the disk (v2.5) that came with it do not work. (These were probably designed for the RWII)
The newest drivers (v3.0.1) do not work. The 3.0.0 driver should work, but nobody has it.
ATI's customer service SUCKS!
thats the same remote i had. whatever drivers included on teh tv wonder elite cd worked for me. if you can find somebody with that cd, that will help you out.
TV Wonder Elite != HDTV Wonder

TV Wonder Elite != HDTV Wonder

Yes, Remote Wonder Plus works with The TV Wonder Elite, and that is what the CSR told me even though he knew I was asking about the HDTV Wonder!!!

I haven't found anyone who said the comibination of HDTV Wonder and Remote Wonder Plus works.
I'm having the same problem, but all I have is the RWI and a normal ATI TV Wonder card. Remote doesn't respond to anything
If the people with the TV Wonder Elite could post which driver they are using it would be very much appreciated. Then we (the rest of us with HDTV Wonder) would at least know which driver works.
did you guys try to manually uninstall and manually install the drivers from the cd. ive even had to do that with my remote wonder 1 and 2 for some reason. that was also how i got my remote plus working as stated earlier. if you do that it should work for sure. if you need more explanation pm me or email me.
ATI customer support has been pretty much completely unhelpful on this. They have closed my case three or four times - for instance when they shipped the catalyst 5.4 drivers - which of course have nothing to do with the remote wonder plus.

I suppose the only thing to do is wait to see if a new set of remote wonder drivers come out, and if that doesn't work then RMA the remote and receiver.