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wow this game got some nice review, i really like the combat style in this game. And for once sound like a very difficult Action RPG game.
and eurogamer gave it a 9/10 :heart:

other review

HD Trailer


Very interesting and well written review from Eurogamer.
From Software is a strange and fascinating developer. Mention the name and Armoured Core is what usually springs to mind, or occasionally Otogi, but when it's not making mech games From's output encompasses a vast range of extremes - cutesy co-op platformer Cookies and Cream, Tenchu, card-battler Lost Kingdoms, horror adventure Echo Night, broken, miserablist cult series King's Field. And this, the most interesting PlayStation 3 exclusive I've ever played.

Demon's Souls is a brutal, bleak action combat RPG that pits your lone character against a universe full of violent demons. They range from former human soldiers to agile, double scimitar-wielding skeletons, pouncing flame-creatures, octopus-headed guards, embryonic plague-carrying monstrosities, even Death himself. The game's five worlds - all massive - are split into four different sections, each guarded by a horribly large and hardcore boss monster. Everything in the entire world is designed to kill you, quickly and often without warning.

The only safe place is the Nexus, a haven for tormented souls. It acts as a hub from which you can access the five worlds, or buy and upgrade your character's weapons and abilities to give them a slightly better chance of survival. It is one of the most difficult modern videogames in existence, refusing to make even the slightest concession to your happiness or mental well-being. For this reason, developing a devotion to Demon's Souls has been the gaming equivalent of falling in love with an emotionally stunted, occasionally violent sociopath.

It's not a hack-and-slasher, though Demon's Souls incorporates the best elements of that genre into its accomplished weapons combat. The pace is slower, and you can learn to use magic, miracles, ranged attacks, scavenged items and enchanted equipment to give you a wealth of alternatives to slicing things up with a sword.
Demon's Souls is deeply tactical, preferring to pit you one-on-one against vicious and high-level enemies that can use the same tactics, weapons and magic as you rather than drowning you in a sea of lesser foes. You slowly build up a large inventory of vastly differing equipment and skills for yourself as you inch your way through the levels, finding treasure, killing demons and using the souls you get from them to buy a tiny bit more health, strength, magic power, carry weight or life-saving equipment.

What you fight with is entirely up to you. Any character can scavenge, buy and use any weapon. Go with a sword and shield and you can parry enemies' attacks with the latter before stabbing them through the heart in slow motion, if your timing's good enough (mistime your parry, and you'll probably die). Choose a dagger and light armour and you can roll and dart around before stabbing demons in the back for a similar, satisfyingly gory critical hit.

Using a bow lets you stalk enemies in first-person from a distant turret. Find a wand, and you can cast magic; find a talisman, you can heal yourself with miracles. The closest comparison is Monster Hunter, but Demon's Souls' combat controls are more precise; the weapons feel realistic rather than comically extreme. Fighting is physical, violent and cathartic, and you find yourself forming genuine attachments to favourite weapons.

This, meanwhile, will kill you by shooting a metal bolt three times your own width through your chest from the sky.

There's unrestricted scope for developing your character in different directions. You can play it as a nimble magic user with an assassin's dagger, or hide behind a heavy shield and two-inch-thick body armour whilst skewering things in the dark with a lance, and you can switch between these two strategies at will by changing your equipment.

That flexibility prevents the game from ever getting stale and equally prevents you from falling into easy habits or closing off interesting options from yourself through your choice of class. You're constantly forced to change your approach, if not by choice then by the sheer variety of aggressive enemies that the game throws at you. No one strategy works against all of them.

When you die in Demon's Souls - and you will die, a lot - you lose your physical body, becoming a soul with half a health bar (although in practice it's more like a three quarters, as there's a ring in the very first world that lets you cling a little closer to life). The only way to get it back is to kill a boss monster.


The downside? Playing the game online opens you up to invasion from Black Phantoms, other players who force their way into your game in order to assassinate you for your souls. You've no control over when this happens.

The best you can hope for, as an invaded player, is that your opponent isn't smart enough to stalk you, manipulating the level to make things harder for you before appearing at the most unwelcome possible moment to dispatch you, and instead rushes straight up to you in search of a quick kill. Then, at least, you have a chance of outmanoeuvring them in a face-to-face fight instead of panicking that every shadow behind every wall is your would-be assassin, armed to the teeth and with an enchanted arrow notched and aimed at your chest.

This one gives you cake. Death cake.

The prospect of playing as a Black Phantom yourself, of course, is seductive, once you have the ability and skill. But you always run the risk of being defeated. Besides, everything that you do online affects the world around you; defeating boss monsters and invading players shifts the World Tendency of a level towards white, whereas becoming a Black Phantom yourself shifts it towards black.

Black tendency makes a world's monsters more aggressive but increases the rewards for killing them, white tendency does the opposite, and both trigger events in the levels themselves, opening up previously locked doors or dropping in unique NPCs to help or hinder you. The tendency system is so complex that players haven't yet figured out all of its implications. Whichever way you choose to use Demon's Souls' online play, though, there are consequences in your own game.

HD Gameplay
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Online Co-op play

more info
There's no background music, just creepy ambient audio and sound effects - you have to listen for enemies, rather than just blundering in.

.The shoulder buttons are used for combat, rather than the face buttons.

.Venturing into dark and low-lit areas is inviting death.

.The combat is geared towards performing well timed attacks and waiting for openings rather than just button mashing.

.There are 10 character classes to choose from, including all the usual archetypes like Priest, Warrior, Thief etc

.There seems to be some strange co-op options in the game - as you are playing through the game you will see blood-stains left by other players on the floor and as you draw near these will glow - activating them causes ghostly apparitions of the other player to appear and by watching these you can gain insight into how to or how not to deal with enemies, the locations of secrets and items etc

.You can summon one of your friends souls in the hub area to join you on a mission

. The game is not about levels, it's all about player skill. If you don't get good at the game, you likely won't be able to continue on to harder areas.
. Stamina system, as you swing your sword you lose stamina, you can't block or attack without stamina
. Even weak enemies in the beginning can easily kill you if you don't watch out.
. There's a parry button and you can parry and do a flashy counter-attack
. Your weapons deteriorate as you use them, even hitting them against a wall causes them to loose durability
. How fast an how far you can roll depends on the weight of your armor
. You can become over-encumbered if you're carrying too much loot

Primary Attributes:
Body/Strength - Affects HP and how much weight the character can carry.
Intelligence - Affects MP and number of spells available to learn.
Endurance - Affects stamina, maximum carriable weight, fire defense, bleeding defense, disease defense.
Strength - Attack bonus
Skill/Agility - Attack bonus and damage taken from falling.
Magic - Affects potency of spells.
Faith - Affects strength of miracles, number of miracles available to learn, protection from magic.
Luck - Affects chances of item drops and chances of becoming diseased.

Secondary Attributes:
HP - A summoned Soul will have half of their max.
Stamina - Depleted during attacks, dashing, dodging etc.
Equipment weight - The more carried, the slower the character.
Item weight - If exceeded the character can't carry any more items.
Ring Effects - A character can wear a max of two rings.
Soul - The quantity of souls carried (the game's equivalent of XP and gold). Souls are lost if a character perishes, but can be regained if character touches his own blood patch.
Physical Defense
Bash Defense
Slash Defense
Stab Defence
Magic Defense
Fire Defense
Bleed Resistance
Poison Resistance
Disease Resistance

Magic Types
The higher the Intelligence, the more spell types a character can learn.

Fire Based - Self-explanatory.
Water Based - Healing and recovery.
Weapon Based - A higher class of magic. Enhances the weapon wielded.
Illusion Based - Support magic that requires creativity. For example, create a loud noise to distract enemies than attack them from behind.

Plus, other higher classes of magic.
Network play
If a player perishes, he becomes a soul entity. He becomes visible to other online players as a soul sign. Other online players in the area can summon the deceased one as a phantom. A maximum of two summons. The phantom player that is summoned can cooperate with the "living" player to be resurrected (no details how). Then they can co-operate to clear difficult areas.

You can also see the images of other online players. That is you may be practically in an area alone - but other players who are online and playing the same area may become visible as "ghost images". So players can aid other players by actually writing and drawing messages and hints on the map - and these appear as ghostly words/images to the other online players. Players may also see images of others disappearing into a wall - giving them a clue that there's a secret door.

If a player perishes, he leaves a blood patch and other online players will get the blood patch. They may also see a ghostly replay of the deceased player's demise. This serves as another interactive warning system - "uh this place is full of blood patches on the ground..."
Also, it appears that there is some for of Player vs Player combat in the game;

Network Invasion - PVP!

To start, no there is no info as to whether this can be 'switched off' if you login. Also no info how another player is selected, etc.... All it says is that if a player has a specific "black stone" special item and then perishes, he can invade the gameworld of another player and attack them as a "black phantom". If the phantom player wins the fight he gets resurrected, if he loses then his "soul level" decreases. The "black phantom" form will be of a higher level than the deceased player is currently at.

First 25 minutes of the game
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there's a huge thread about it on neogaf. I really want to play it but an import would cost $67 USD + shipping which is like $80 CAD and 15+ for shipping
I cannot even import it into Europe as exporters from Asia are now too scared of Sony's wrath, too bad because it looks great.

So thats :

Demon Souls

Thats on my list, decent titles but Europeans cannot buy :nuts:

Finally i found a copy of demon's soul, but not in hongkong>

i went to like 20 local game store in hongkong and it was sold out everywhere ...

However, while i was in china for vacation , when visiting a local shopping mall in there.

i found my self a copy of demon's soul lol......
asian version with chinese and english.
just played the game for 3 hours, and i made a hunter character.

he seems to be weak, coz i can't even get pass the castle stage lol.

now i am making another character.

this time should be a caster class
Want to buy this one badly but it's very hard to find copy.

Why is Sony not releasing this one in US and Europe ?

English voices is there, what's the problem than ?
this game is really hard, you really don't wanna die in this game.
since you will lost your soul point and need to start all over again.
i still yet to past the first level......OMFG
this game is really hard, you really don't wanna die in this game.
since you will lost your soul point and need to start all over again.
i still yet to past the first level......OMFG

lol, you're in over your head. this game is known for being hard. might wanna check out the neogaf thread for some tips to get over that initial frustration

I'm hoping it's like God Hand in that it seems really difficult early on but it's a lot easier when you know what you're doing
The game's being released in NA and will be at E3.

Enter a world of demons and darkness, where death looms around every corner

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- MAY 20, 2009 -- Atlus U.S.A., Inc., your shining knights in armor, today announced that they have secured the North American publishing rights for Demon's Souls™, a groundbreaking action RPG experience for PLAYSTATION®3 system. Beautiful, compelling, and unforgiving, Demon's Souls is the hardcore RPG experience PLAYSTATION 3 system owners have been waiting for since the platform's launch.

Revolutionary online features support your adventure like never before, presenting seamless interconnectivity that serves in every instance to enhance the single-player game. Team up with two other players in simultaneous cooperative play, working together to topple some of the game's colossal bosses, or force your way into the games of skilled players and challenge them to PvP battle. Leave hints and clues for those who will follow in your footsteps; either intentionally or through your own inadvertent demise, your bloodstains will allow your successors to view a replay of your death, hinting at how to avoid your gruesome fate. Unprecedented in its depth and subtlety, peerless in its relentlessly challenging gameplay, Demon's Souls is the ultimate action RPG.

Experience the game awarded 9 out of 10, hailing it as "absolutely compelling; dark, detailed, unforgiving, creatively cruel," and adding, "you can learn to love Demon's Souls like few other games in the world."

Demon's Souls for PLAYSTATION 3 system is scheduled for North American release in fall 2009.

Might want to hold off importing.
Considering Atlus's general track record, I'm kind of surprised they'd go for something this...serious. That said, it sounds like an interesting 3D take on the whole Rogue-like thing; with luck we'll get a demo before the game actually comes out on this side of the Pacific.
This game is plain ****ing awesome. The game doesn't **** around either, and will reward you if you succeed. The art direction is top notch, the armors look fantastic, the music is fitting and the boss battles are beyond epic.

Worth the price of my PS3 by itself, it's a very unique game in today's game market.

The first level, which is arguably the "tutorial" (I've never seen a harder tutorial) took me 4-5 hours. When I beat the boss I actually shouted in happiness. :lol:

Edit: To be fair, I started the game playing as the barbarian. You start out with a wooden shield, a wood mace and a set of shorts, that's it. :bleh: All the other classes start with a full set of gear (with varying quality between them) so I assume the barbarian is the hardest one to start with. :p
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