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GPU work units simulating virus protein and cell receptor interactions are out of beta and now live on F@H. This finally motivated me enough to fix a corrupted client on my desktop that was dropping every work unit. Rosetta@home also has some Coronavirus work units for CPU available too so I'm doing Rosetta on CPU and Folding on GPU. I'm not sure it feels good, but it does feel like something extra to help besides the obvious washing hands and trying to limit exposure.
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Saw this and rejoined the cause too, Thanks for the heads up. Fah only figured my trusty old Bulldozer wouldn't be worth much on the cpu front.
ok, what am I missing, I've used my folding user name and team 64, but my signature is not showing any update?
Yeah, definitely seeing the outages and server overload. I just started up folding again and I can only get my CPU and one of my graphics cards folding at any one time. It can't quite seem to get three WUs downloaded at the same time (lots of can't connect errors).
Very good

Very good

Welcome and welcome back folders! I was checking the stats and noticed we are +13 on the member front, 37 as of right now... :fold:
From page 7 of the Wuhan Corona Virus thread,
jonault wrote
I don't think some of the folks here appreciate just how fast the number of folders is increasing.

About a month ago, I looked at EOC to see how many people were actively folding (based on how many had earned at least one point in the last 7 days). IIRC, it was a bit over 7100 folders.

Late this morning when I checked the same number it was just over 18000. That's over 2.5x as many people folding in just a few weeks.

And when I looked again just now, it was over 20000. That's almost a 10% increase in less than 8 hours. :shock: (I forgot that EOC updates every 3 hours, so I was probably looking at the 9am & 3pm numbers, meaning an increase of 2000 folders in 6 hours.)

Edited to add: after the 6pm update, it's over 22600, so another 1500 or so joined in 3 hours.

Edited again: and after the 9pm update, it's up to 24601, adding another 2000. So in 12 hours we picked up about 6500 folders (up over 33%!), an amount almost equal to the total number of folders we had at the beginning of February.

Pretty awesome. :)
The speed this is going is nuts.
Protease inhibitors (PIs) stage already.
(class of antiviral drugs that are used to treat)

You may see your gpu's idling from time to time due to server outages

Definitely feeling the WU shortage today. I've only gotten 3 WUs today with tons of time sitting idle waiting for the server. It's great to see the active user count shoot up (and even some brand new folders, thank you!), hopefully the projects catch up and give us more proteins to fold :D
My 2080ti

My 2080ti

Ok, had this thing for about 6 months now and it was only doing 200-600k ppd. Coldn't figure out why; thought maybe the i7-2600 was holding it earlier today when I checked it was at 2.6k...I'll take it, but still :confused:
Time to turn off my space heater; I'm joining in!

The client wasn't downloading any work units - I had to go into its config and deselect Cancer and pick Any Disease. The Web Browser drop-down didn't work for this.

My GPU is crunching things down nicely but the CPU sits idle. Error log says "[Can't download] No WUs available for this configuration."

Good news is my signature works.
Welcome all new and existing folders!! Seeing so many people come online to help the cause is truly heart warming! Thank you all :heart:

The WU shortages from my understanding are more of a distribution problem that will be resolved soon. Work is slowly trickling in :)

Stay safe everyone, and together through folding we can help beat this virus!