Best 60+ TV out there?

Thanks! I asked over at the nerd HDTV forums and they all said plasma rules but it's not for my intended use.
So I now need to find an LED-LCD. No idea what to get ??
Glad to hear my suggestions were validated.:lol:

Good luck on the TV search. Black Friday is a little over a week away. Surely with a little effort you can secure a good deal for one.
Yep just jacking up prices in Canada because us Canadians will pay it. When we cross border shop then they raise a ruckus
i have a few years old LG 50PK350 plasma (go it for £460 at amazon uk a few years ago) for the money its excellent

has x2 HDMI and excellent picture. I never see any burn in. I also use LG orbiter that moves the image slightly every so often to stop burn in.

I have used it for gaming many times and it looks great at 1080p
I'm guessing the windows taskbar would burn in? That's one thing that might stay static for hours.

Little bit old thread now, but with a blank black background and the taskbar on auto hide i've been known to use the driver software to slide the screen down just enough to remove it off the edge