Arma Reforger


oh yeah
I used to play 2 and 3. Mostly COOP where you go from city to city. I forgot the name of those missions...

Anyway, is anyone playing Arma Reforger and what are your thoughts?
Playing on and off but not as much as I used to play 2 and 3, 3 really took me over and was my only game for a while. Bought this but its just not got the feeling yet, lacks the scale of 2/3, some nice changes for mods to be downloaded ingame but most dont appear to work first time for me. Although version 1 now I feel it still needs a big kick to make it the true A4 (I know this was just meant to be a sampler pre-ArmA4 but hey).

Might not be the game, I may have just fallen out of love with the series after getting this one.