3dMark 2001 scores



I actually think some of the scenes hold up quite well graphically.

Funny looking at the details page and it trying to read the hardware, it does an admirable job considering the age, but funny when it's confused on things It has no idea could exist.

Sata drives listed as IDE, NVME as SCSI gets the sizes and model names correct however.

Lists the ram speed but says each dimm slot has 0 bytes, total system ram of 2gb and so on.

Zero idea on what the cpu is but seems to know it has 6 and 12 threads cores as it lists it 12 times as unknown make/model and speed.
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20 years, a couple of months... It's not that bad.

Seyiji how did you fix?
Launched it changed the affinity to just core 0 and then when the error popped up i clicked ok and it launched immediately. Then I went back and changed the affinity to use all cores and ran the bench :3

1 pump chump tho since it keeps bitching about losing focus on the monitor its running the bench on probably cause I have 2 monitors and one is in portrait mode !__!
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rofl man that's one hell of a thread necro :D

Ran it for shits and giggles, got 90k, didn't need to do anything, just told me my proc wasn't MMX certified or something.
For curiosities sake I looked at a thread from 2016 or so where people were running it on gtx 580 to around 700 series cards, some of them were getting 100,000+ scores on things like the I7 3770k

I guess those older cards or drivers had more optimizations for DX8/9 then the current modern ones.
This goes in line with what Shapeshifter posted earlier about a thread from 2016. I'm curious now what my 7700HQ/1060 laptop will score.

XP alone is a nice boost. Cards like a GTX 780 are top performers. Newer cards don't appear to be as optimized for dx7/8.

I've got another GPU that I hope will push over 100k.
Can't break 30k with the 7700HQ/GTX 1060 laptop. Curious.

EDIT: Found why. It's using the internal Intel graphics card. I set it up in Windows to force use of the 1060 but it didn't work. Future me's problem.
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I went back to a DX9 Card to see how far we've come. It's a 7950gt with 24 pipes. Gets beat in the shader stuff but look at car chase high detail, it's the fastest one here.

HAha just going through the first few posts...my god the highest scores for 20 years ago was mostly between 3000-3500ish on a Radeon (R100) level card.

And the current hardware is roughly 30x faster lol
That's impressive OAP is that at 1080p? Would be cool to see a detail breakdown of fps in those tests. What CPU is this?