2022 Audi R8 RWD

It was a long time and I almost gave up. Looked around at other cars. Used cars. Other Gen2 R8s, Huracan, 570S, V12 Vantage, 911 Turbo, NSX. Factored in the sky high used car prices and decided to stick with it. Bought new at MSRP for the exact car I wanted.
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Could. I see optioned 2022 RWD coupes with very low miles on Autotrader hitting $200K or more. That's just crazy. Two years ago a similar 2020 would go for around $150K.
It's common for customer ordered Audi cars to get listed on Autotrader. The manager of the dealership told me that in the short timespan from when the car arrived at the dealership and the time I picked the car up, there were three out of state callers insisting on purchasing the car at prices over MSRP. I'm glad they didn't take them up on those offers. I'm sure Audi USA would have been upset if they pulled the rug out from underneath me.
Yes, they risk losing their dealership. No one stupid enough will do it on a customer ordered car. However, if the customer agrees they will gladly sell it for over MSRP and split the commission.
I've loved the R8 ever since it's release over 15 years ago. Never thought I'd actually own an R8 today. Love the fact that it has a fast high revving big V10. Even though I mainly drove manual in the past, the dual clutch is a great transmission. It's easy and pleasant to just cruise around in. The GT3, not so much. The R8 is considered the affordable supercar.

It took 9 months to get it from order to delivery. The time to get a 911 GT3 is much much longer.
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Congrats, it's a really cool car. I've seen some used ones here that are within my price range, but the maintenance costs are not :lol: