2022 Audi R8 RWD


I couldn't wait until next year for the reveal of the C8 Z06 and then wait another 1 and 1/2 years for the car to be built and delivered.

They said assembly will probably be in November. Not sure when delivery is after that.

No interior change for 2022. The big change in 2022 is more power for the RWD model.
****ing gas guzzler tax!!!!!!!!!

Congrats! Post pics when she's finally here. ;)
That’s dope af. Congrats.
What made you buy Audi over other brands of similar priced cars?
Nice! I always liked those. Beautiful car. They also look much lower/wider in person than I expected. Someone in the area has one (also white) and I encountered it a couple weeks ago. I have been trying to figure out where they live.

Wanna race?