2020 Chevy Corvette Stingray

Not surprised. Since they had to delay production about 2 months, if they don't do something it will delay any new tooling needed for the 2021 model year. They article says they would open up 2021 orders in May so it wouldn't be that long where new orders won't be taken.
By the way, update on the vid I posted with the one that broke, they broke a stock axle.

Yeah, I watched till the end when they found it. Then watched it over to see what could have happened. They used launch control both times, and broke it on the 2nd launch control attempt. Interesting for sure. I'm sure it's a one off, but we'll see. Just a bit disturbing that they did it so soon on factory launch control and OEM tires, even if it was super sticky.

Juiced and ran pulls all day long without breaking. Seems like the other one may not be typical.
Supposedly track prep at the Houston drag strip is always extremely good, very sticky.

It's a good sign with all the juiced cars popping up on Youtube and drag runs, that only one car has reported had an issue.


I don't agree with his tire assessment but seems like a solid car.

EDIT: He does correct himself in his next video on his tire talk as others called him out in his comments.
I really wish Ford, Chevy, or Dodge would come up with their own bi-turbo V8.

Supercharged V8's are nice, but a pain in the ass to swap pulleys, load tunes for it. Ain't nobody got time for that at a redlight.

A bi turbo V8 would be much easier to raise/lower boost electronically with an adjustable tune.

Other than the typical mid-engine car corner understeer, looks pretty solid.
One of these drove by me in a parking lot today.

I found out I don't like the proportions at all in the flesh.
Ouch, that sucks. I'd say it's the usual 2nd gear hit where the hero behind the wheel slams it home into 2nd gear as hard as they can while keeping their foot planted...but it's an auto. :lol:

Was hard to see, but I didn't see the front tires turning at all to countersteer. Just straight into the barrier. Bummer.
Saw what I guess was a regular C8 on the road yesterday. Don't like it, the back looks stupid the way the sides stick out.
Saw my first one as well a couple weeks ago at Cars and Coffee. Didn't really care for it. It looks as out of proportion in real life as it does in the photos. Also, the interior looked super cramped. Disappointed, but maybe I'll get use to it.