Youtube 4K and 1440P?


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Hey guys, after the monitor upgrade, I noticed that 1080P is still the only option in Youtube.
Is there something I need to do to have 4K and 1440P available on videos that offer it?
Cancel that. I had a FF plugin that gets H264 from Youtube and it is the issue.

EDIT: Welp, 12% CPU with H264 and 55% CPU with VP9 so FYI. If you have an old video card, now you know :)
(laptop btw)
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What resolution and what CPU made it go up that high? Just curious. I have an old i5-4690 imac and a 4k stream from youtube would use up around 65% (after letting it buffer a bit as my internet isn't quite up to speed for that resolution). Don't have the patience to try anything higher on my bandwidth. Not that you would really need to as I couldn't really tell the difference on anything higher than 1440p on my 27" 5k screen.
Lappy has an i7-4100m and Intel Graphics 4600...
That chip does not support V9 decoding.
I did play a 4K stream in 1080P.
Ah okay thanks. Seems like the 4th gen intels can do htpc work unless you get an 8k tv or something.

As for VP9 it seems like AV1 is going to be replacing that with FF support released just last month (though I can't get any of the Youtube beta test videos to play in AV1). Just what we need, an extension to the codec wars.
Well VP9 does look better than H264. But my lappy does 264 natively, whereas my desktop with an RX480 does VP9 natively.

I do like the option and the guy who wrote the plugin for FireFox :)

If AV1 replaces it, so be it. I will use whatever plugin works best!