your next upgrade is...


The Tool
...probably going to be a new CPU or a new CPU and mobo if I decide to go AMD (most likely). If I go just the CPU it'll be an Intel PIII 850E to overclock. If I go AMD I'll probably wait a few months for the prices to fall of the 133 core cpus and DDR mobos. Motherboard makers (Abit all the way) and chipset vendors should have any bugs worked out of their DDR parts by then too.
I have nearly finished ny system.

All there is to get now is a HiFi amp for my front output, and some expensive floorstanding speakers to boot. That will go nicely with my hifi, which currently is used behind me as rear output on my soundcard, and I have a nice philips powers sattelite, 35W RMS for a centre with a 25w RMS Yamaha Sub :D
Radeon 2 or GeForce 3, depending on what's out in July or August.

Or a cable modem when they reach Glen Allen, VA.
My upgrade is a 1GhzAMD TBird and a MSI Mobo to go with it I will be getting it vary vary soon I just need to get need 30 more dollars and Iam set :)

Pish I got nice HUGE advent speakers(there's a 12'inch that creative) for front and a some great sounds PSB's for rear powered my 2 amps and a SONY prologic reciver Oh dvd was never been so good for computer baby :)
Hey, Skycat, I noticed that you are using a Celeron 733 with an ABIT BE6 motherboard. Excuse me, but the BE6 only supports CPUs up to 600 MHz. Are you referring it to as the BE6-II?
Ha I think I will get a game theater xp (so I can ditch my SBLive X-gammer) or maybe a Radeon2, or maybe a 19" true flat screen, or maybe...... aw man who knows.
Anyone looking for a place to get P3's to overclock has great prices (RETAIL 700E's for $123.00)
I have gotten 2 P3700E's from them and both were Cc0 steping and overclocked to 1000mhz with no voltage ujustments, or special thermal material just a golden orb(for now) on one and a thermoengine on the other.