Xpert@Play AGP - no tv out


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Okay, I tried and failed. Needed tv out and acquired a used card. There is no video out of the composite port, ever. Using 2 different pc's, numerous drivers from Big Z (what a collection!), and fresh installs of Win 98se, Me, XP pro result in the same thing: the Displays tab in the Advanced Setting shows 2 panes- Monitor and TV. The Monitor side is active (tabs, buttons, settings) but the TV side is inactive (and says Not Connected). There must be something obvious that I have missed. Does anyone have an idea?
1. Ensure that your cables are in good working condition.
2. Ensure that you are using the correct cable.
3. Ensure your desktop resolution is low... I think TV out will only work at a desktop resolution of 1024*768 or less. With the Rage Pro, it may be 800*600 or less.
4. Reboot the machine with all cables connected, and all equipment powered on (especially the TV)
5. In the driver control panel, enable tv out.

Hope for the best.