XP & Radeon NG


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Well in XP (latest build 2458 & 2454) I can't use any ATI drivers. I spontaneously reboot upon boot after a breif peak at the backround. error w/ ATI2dvag.dll.

Have to use M$ drivers. Tried Q3 adn never even ran it. Way too dark and can make any lighter. at times the screen was totally black and had to reset.

Argghh. I was realy looking forward to my Radeon 64 VIVO but the drivers are driving me away. Looking forward to more Nvidia. I hate no competition. Reall hope they get their s@#$ together.


I am doing ok with XP build 2428. Q3 no problem I am using the beta drivers.I am having problems with 3dmark 2001 but I will figure it out.