XP Install Question


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I have my HD partitioned as follows:

C: 2 GB W98
D: 2 GB W2K Professional
E: 2 GB blank (XP candidate)
F: 24 GB Applications

It of course is a dual boot environment at the moment.

1. Can I install XP on E: and have a triple boot environment.
2. If so, will 98 & 2K get screwed when XP expires or if I
don't activate?


1. Yes, you should be able to run a triple boot environment. The XP boot loader is the same as the Windows 2000 one, so they should co-exist pretty well.

2. When XP expires, it shouldnt have a knock on effect. The activation / expiration stuff only messes with your system when you are actually IN Windows XP.. that way you can just not choose it from your initial Boot Menu. If you get your hands on a full copy of Windows XP you can just install over the top of the old install, and carry on as usual.
Um...I'm not suggesting this...but you could always run a crack to fix that activation issue.....