XFX warning about Vega and using aftermarket coolers


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Products for which XFX has not received payment. A copy of the dated original proof of purchase or invoice must be submitted to verify warranty repair or replacement.
** XFX has carefully selected the optimal thermal or fansink component for your graphics card model. We do not encourage the removal of components due to damage that may result in the process. XFX understands that some enthusiasts may choose to replace the original component with their own cooling solution. To support the gaming community, it is required that you contact XFX prior to any modifications so that we can update your profile and product registration to avoid potential issues with warranty support. In addition, XFX support will be able to walk through the installation with you or provide feedback and pointers on available options for your specific product. You may even consider shipping your components to XFX and allow the technicians at XFX to perform the modification for you (shipping charges to XFX apply). Failure to contact XFX could result in termination of the warranty. For VEGA class products, it is recommended not to touch the cooling solution or thermal paste, the VEGA GPU and HBM memory are very sensitive and can be easily damaged compared to previous GPUs.


I have a reference vega and wanted to replace the thermal paste/cooler ... I ended up reading the above.My card is a MSI.