XFX 7900XTX Phoenix Nirvana


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videocardz - XFX launches Radeon RX 7900 XTX "Phoenix Nirvana" custom graphics card said:
The cooler, called “Fengling Cooling Architecture 4.0,” uses 216 ultra-thin matrix fins and a high-low fin structure to improve airflow. Underneath, there is a vapor chamber covering the GPU and memory, as well as a Honeywell PTM 7950 phase-changing thermal pad known for high thermal conductivity. The card features an all-aluminum die-cast backplate.


Wow, beastly cooling. Will be interesting to see how that thing OC's.
Ya def hope they keep this kind of workmanship for the next lineup. The PTM 7950 heatpad is almost as good as liquid metal.

Explains some of the cooling amazeballs this card will be debuting. The magnetically held in, swap-able fans are also kinda cool as a concept as well.