X10 Service - Is it Needed?!!


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It would seem not. The X10 Device Network Service is just lurking but set to Manual. When we try to start it we recieve the Event ID 7000 error that the file can't be found. I think it's referring to the file "x10nets.exe" which indeed cannot be found on the system. However, there are numerous references to it in the Registry?!! I seem to recall quite awhile ago for some reason I searched for that elusive file and never found it - even on the ATI CD or any ATI driver downloads etc... ????

Seems like a lot of unecessary Reg entries. This is W2K Pro & RW 2. I believe that Windows is bloated enough without excess registry entries. Especially when they point to a non-existent file. Or could that bugga simply be INVISIBLE?! Even with the system set to show all the files?

But since the RW SEEMS to work, is this required? If if is, how do we get it going and if it isn't how do we zap these reg entries and should we zap this excess Service?

Or should I simply count me blessings that the RW works and leave all the above alleged bloat?!

Thank you very much for any help on this craziness.

P.S. It gets even CRAZIER: I've never had a problem getting the remote to work (after ATI replaced the DOA one we got initially :bleh: ). I just either set it to run by putting what appears to be a shortcut to NOTHING in the startup folder OR i simply double click the Icon. But this is most bizzare: Why doesn't this shortcut point to any kind of file?! It seems to point to NOTHING. Ah, to be a Programmer...and possess the KEYS to the KINGDOM! :confused:

Thanks again for any help!
Does anyone here have any info on this? Should I post this in the Parent forum? If nothing else, can someone clear up the Twilight Zone RW shortcut mystery?

Thanks!! :)