Keeping an open mind
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Anyone use X-Mouse? The software for my Trackball kinda sucks, as apparently no games recognize the changes made by it's drivers software beyond Mouse 1,2,Middle. so I can't use allot of the extra buttons.

So I was considering using this, the only thing that freaks me out is if I might get banned in games for using it.


Anyone have experience?

p.s Trackball in question is Elecom M-HT1URBK
Are you trying to remap buttons to keyboard presses? If that's the case, and the mouse driver software isn't doing the job, I would complain to the support dept that it's not working properly.

I've had a similar experience with my mouse software recently (Asus ROG Spatha), Asus's mouse software is awful to the point where I considered taking it back, but I found a workaround at some point, even though the software is still pretty terrible.

In any case, I don't see why X-Mouse would cause you to get banned in games with two exceptions:

1. X-Mouse is patching windows DLL's in order to facilitate the functionality.
2. X-Mouse has functionality that would create some sort of advantage in multiplayer competitive gaming.
Yea that's why I was kinda worried about using it. As out looks like it can be used to setup macros.
Lulz, the drivers key mappings are now working in game after updating Win10 to 1909 *shrug*