X-Gamer 5.1 rox....


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I just seen this section here & thought I'd share that with you..

X-GAMER 5.1 4 LIFE....

AMD Thunderbird 800Mhz 8.0x100FSB
Abit KA7 TY Bios
VIA 4in1 4.28a
12x DVD Player
Maxtor 40GB HD ATA66/7200rpm
Radeon 32MB DDR@183Mhz
Drv. 4.13.7075
Windows ME
DirectX 8.0a
X-Gamer 5.1
CSW 2200 5.1 Surround Sound..

Powered By Radeon....
how do you have your x-gamer connected to your sound system? Are you using the spdif out? If so, what are you sending the signal to?
The CSW's 2200 were made for the 5.1 family of cards..The only thing is there analog..But a have a 400 watt dolby digital system right behind me with a kick-as* DVD player..The spdif out connects to the subwoofer & center speaker..The front & rear's plug into the other 2 jacks...
Nope...Philips Acoustic Edge baby! Awesome when connected to my system "the way it should be!" That means, it has the correct output, aka spdif to digital coax, to go right into my digital receiver. Man this things cranks! Tested it yesterday with different dvds and the positional sounding is very accurate. Could not ask for more in a pc. Blows my old SBLive! out of the water!