.x file texture coordinates.


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I coded a plugin for TrueSpace that exports .x files( full support for animated/skinned meshes ), and I can not find any documentation on including multiple texture coordinates in the .x files. Do any of you know anything about it?.. or have an .x file with more than one set of coords that I could look at?

This is from the help file of the mesh view utility from the DX 8.1 SDK, so I know the file format supports more than one set of coords.

"Texture Coords
Show the texture coordinates for the viewed geometry as rays projecting from the vertices. Because a vertex in Microsoft® Direct3D® can have up to eight texture coordinates, users must specify which sets they would like to view. This viewing mode is especially useful shen the texture coordinates are filled with tangents for use in pixel shaders for example."
Which version of TrueSpace?

Which version of TrueSpace?

Which version of TrueSpace did you create the plug in for?

(I have 4.2)
It works with both TrueSpace 4 and 5. I currently torn between just giving it away, or charging a small fee for it...