Working on a big change - moving


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Well, I'm getting tired of treading water where I'm at in Ontario. I've had raises every year (sometimes more than one), but every time I start to get ahead, taxes and the cost of everything just swallow it up plus some more. I might have a solution, 'tho.


In the relatively near future, it looks very promising for me to sell the house and move out west to Regina. Right at the moment, I can get a move-in ready house similar to mine out there for literally a quarter of asking for similar properties here in Hamilton. I figure line something up, sell the house, take a small mortgage on something reasonable out there, and keep a small "Holy S**t" cash reserve on hand. As for work, the company I am currently with has a location about a half hour out of the city, so same commute I have now as long as I can get a transfer out there. Failing that (or if I finally get sick enough of them to leave), I can literally take anything and still come out ahead with no debts to service aside from my mortgage, so long as it still has some sort of retirement plan and benefits.

For the few of us left on this board, anyone in the general area that might have advice?
No clue, I think Higgy said JetBlack is out in that direction. I hope things work out, housing prices are crazy up there from a couple that fled FL has told me.
It doesn't make sense to me who can afford a place here. The prices are well above what the median household income can afford.
I've had this thought myself. Doesn't help that I know people out in the prairies that love to talk about how cheap housing is. The part that kills it for me, and this is far less of an issue for you, is having to deal with real winter :D