WinDVD 4 Plugin


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You can now download the WinDVD 4 Plugin... Barely tested, so I'll leave that up to you. ;)

The source code, which is largely based on the PowerDVD plugin, has also been released under the GPL license.


BTW, I had an interesting time getting the following things to work:

- Cycle through angles, languages, subtitles (DVD).
- Cycle through audio channel modes (left/right/both) (VCD).
- Cycle through CD/DVD drives.

I sorta had to do a knuldge for those since WinDVD didn't provide them. I kinda like the cycling stuff since you only need one button for those things. :) I'd be interested in knowing if these also work well for you guys.
Thank you very much for this plug-in !!
It works great on my computer, and as far as I know, I didn't notice any bug :-)
Good job, now we can choose between PowerDVD and WinDVD...

PS : I didn't test the cycle feature, but I will ...
Did you know that Intervideo has released a new version of WindVD 4 ????!
And guess what .... your plug-in seems not to be compatible with this new version. Actually, a lot of buttons do not work now (such as fast forward /RW, root menu.......)
I don't know why ... !

But Intervideo has changed a lot of things in their last version : for example, WinDVD now supports some WM APP commands (play, pause....) and they've added a progress bar for the volume for example !

Can you check what's happen ??
I've updated the plugin to work with the latest version of WinDVD. :) It looks like they just updated the name of the window class.

Sorry I wasn't able to fix this sooner... I'm busy with other things atm. :(