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Hi I have a problem and it rather annoying one

When ever I go to watch a video clip that use windows media player for some odd ball reson my browers use windows media player 6.4 when I have 7 installed and well 6.4 looks like crap full screened compared to 7 so is there any way I can change it so it will use 7 instead of 6.4?

I hope some one can tel me how to change this because it really fukin annoying

I didn't know were else to post this :)
that might work, but dont bother reinstalling WMP 7, just go to win update and get 7.1, that way u dont have to patch 7 when u reinstall it
hrm, im stumped then... dont know what to tell ya..... maybe try Microsofts Knowledge Base.... u may be able to find something there
Try changing the file type extention defualt program in explorer's tools/folder options menu.