Windows versions that never came out


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Windows Tiger = the next 9x OS
Windows ME SE = speaks for itself doesn't it
Windows ME Corporate Edition = this one is actually availible, but bugy as hell even though there is no real difference
Windows Neptune = an alpha version of whistler/xp, I have it
Windows 2000 SE = merged in with whistler at a early stage
Windows 98 ThirdEd. = this became ME or at least merged with it

there are some more variations of early XP/whistler/neptune/2000 SE
but they all merged into Whistler beta 1

in the future we have Blackcomb or NT6, it will sport a completely redesigned kernel
leaving the NT/9X days behind us

it will prolly be nice since MS has confirmed that they actually pay a lot of attention to Mac OS X and Unix nowadays :D
but hard/software is gonna be a b!tch since it's a whole new kernel

please add more info if you have it

here are some screenies to look at for you: 644b/clean.gif 644b/Explorer6.1.gif 644b/winver.gif 644b/dxdiag.gif 644b/867.gif 644b/install.gif 644b/1230.gif =)[1].jpg[1].jpg

try this but it seems to be down

I made the ones with the "telia" in the adress

please add more =)

hre's one of Windows Tiger:

I'll add some Neptune pics if anyone is interested?
and as many others I can find
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oh yeah

oh yeah

all of these are fakes btw

but the OSes exist
or at least was planned to exist
And when they ever come out, its gonna take another like 10yrs before its completely stable and secure with no security holes and junk :)
I couldn't find much about it on Google, but I remember reading about it. It was supposed to be some kind of radically new object-oriented Windows. No one seems to be exactly sure what made up Cairo, though, as it was really just an idea. I think Microsoft has implemented a few ideas from Cairo in later versions of Windows, but they've more or less forgotten the idea. At least for now.